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Got any problems when using iPhone, iPad, iPod?
If still up in the air, those problems should be sent to us, our professional experts can solve kinds of breakdown of your iDevice, such as recover data from dead iPhone, iPhone stuck in recovery mode, water damaged iPhone repair, etc.
If you got some useful tips that have successfully solved your problem, do please send to us kindly. Any volunteers?
write tips to us
Write Tips to Us As a skillful Apple fan, you have many useful skills in using Apple products, such as iMac, iPhone, iPad and iPod. So we appreciate it if you share your tips to us and we will post it on our iOS Tips channel so that other users can get your sharing. And we will also leave your information in the tips so that people can communicate with you.
  • 1. We appreciate tips written from you, but not copy from the Internet.
  • 2. We appreciate you write tips of iOS device management, iDevice skill, Mac OS knowledge, iOS skill, and topics related with iOS.
  • 3. We will leave your SNS like facebook to let our visitors know that you are the provider and communicate with others.
  • We are glad to make further co-operations, please send email to: support#recovery-ipad.com (replace # with @)
Send Us Your Case When you are using iPhone, iPad, iPod, if you come across daily use problem, you can send us your case so that we will try to figure out and post a tips on our iOS Tips channel.
Pease send email to: support#recovery-ipad.com (replace # with @)
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