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When Should You Turn on Airplane Mode on iPhone 6s

"I bought a new iPhone 6s, but I don't exactly know what the Airplane Mode works for, except for the time I am taking a plane to somewhere."

In fact, Airplane Mode is originally developed to turn off all the networks in case of affecting the signal transmission between devices in airplane. However, it is also a practical function in daily life. You can not only enable it in flight but in some common occasions. We are going to show you how to make full use of Airplane Mode under five situations.

Situation 1: Avoid Disturbing Others
When Airplane Mode is on, we will receive no messages unless we manually connect to Wi-Fi. In some particular places such as library, cinema and so on, we'd better get used to activating Airplane Mode as to prevent from annoying others. Actually, it is a good manner that all of us should bear in mind.

Airplane Mode Turn on

Situation 2: Prevent from Being Unreasonably Charged for Mobile Data
If you are going to other cities or far to other states over no Wi-Fi and don't change to local SIM card, please mind your usage and costs of data traffic. Somehow you may be charged extra fee when using mobile data, so you'd better enable Airplane Mode in such cases.

Airplane Mode Mobile Data

Situation 3: Solve Network Problems
You may occasionally fail to connect to network and fail again no matter how hard you try. It would be such an irritating trifle sometimes. However, there is a simple and effective tip. When it happens, try to turn Airplane Mode on and turn it off later. Airplane Mode will reset your network setting and try to re-connect to networks when being activated.

Airplane Mode Network Resolving

Situation 4: Reduce Power Consumption
If your iPhone 7/7 Plus is running out of power, have a try to turn on Airplane Mode, which works more effectively than enabling Low Power Mode on iOS 10. Once the Airplane Mode is enabled, applications will be stopped to automatically receive data, especially for those performing in background.

Airplane Mode Reduce Power Consumption

Situation 5: Charge Your iPhone Faster
Enabling Airplane Mode is such a good idea when charging your iPhone. If you urge to go for a date, you should have a try. Airplane Mode will shut down the apps' connection to network so as to reduce the consumption used to connect to network data. Although the charging rate cannot be sharply improved, Airplane Mode does make it faster.

Airplane Mode Charge Faster

Most of the time, it is more convenient to activate Airplane Mode rather than power off your device. Knowing when to turn on Airplane Mode will definitely be an indispensable trick for us. If you still have no idea, just keep the above in mind and give them a try.

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