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What Is Airdrop: How to Use Airdrop for iPhone and iPad

Airdrop is a new function of iOS 7, which handles swift file transfer between iOS devices. However, it should be noted that not all iOS devices can use this function. At present, Airdrop is provided only on iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad mini and iPod Touch 5. They need to use iCloud account (You can try to use iCloud to retrieve photos from iCloud). In other words, iPhone 4S and its contemporary products do not support AirDrop.
How to turn it on: you only need to slide cell phone from bottom to top to get the menu. And then, you can find AirDrop from central control-panel and turn it on. You can also choose “contacts only” or “the All”.
turn on airdrop
If you choose “contacts only”, only the friends in your Address Book can share your photos, videos, address and so on. After you choose the target people, Airdrop will do the rest things by using wireless network and Bluetooth. You do not need do anything and AirDrop can ensure the safety of your shared content.

How it works:
After turning on AirDrop, entering some link-up item, such as photos, contacts, etc., and clicking “sharing”, the system will begin to search the user who have turned on Airdrop nearby and choose the target people. It can transfer data with rapid speed after matching. If your iPhone Internet not working, you can get tips here.
choose person to share content with airdrop
When transmission is finished, iOS 7 will put these data in the proper place according to their different nature. For example, photos will be stored in APP related to photos, while passport will be put in Passbook and the information of the contacts will be put in Address Book, and the like.
share photos with airdrop

Since the system will not turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth automatically when you turn off AirDrop, in order to ensure the endurance of your cell phone, you need to turn off the relative buttons manually if you do need to use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

airdrop works

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