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How to View Deleted iMessage History

"Can I see the iMessages that I deleted before on my iPhone 4?"
- by Jccuadras

"Hi. I recently deleted some iMessages that I’ve never backed up on my iPhone 5. Is it possible to get them back? I wish to recover not only some iMessages but contacts and photos if possible."
- Simon

Generally, quite a number of iDevice users ask questions like that. So do you. In case of losing important messages, it's really a good idea to print iPhone text messages out as a copy for safety. However, most people tend to get regretful deleting iMessages or other data on impulse or erasing them by accident. You may inquire, "Can I still view the history when I deleted iMessages on my iDevice?" Well, I can tell you the answer is yes.

In order to view deleted iMessages, I recommend you iPhone Data Recovery. It is a reliable assistant that provides a professional and quick recovery for your lost iMessages. With the help of it, you are able to scan and retrieve your iMessages from iPhone directly, simply restore your iMessages from the iTunes backup if you've ever synced your device with iTunes before or from iCloud you once used.
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Tutorial 1: Directly view deleted message history

Step 1.Extract iTunes backup file
After connecting your iDevice with your computer, scan your device by clicking “Start Scan” button.
how to view imessage history
Step 2.View your iMessage history
After scanning, you'll see an interface as below. In order to view iMessages, you need to choose “Messages” and “Message Attachments”. You can read the concrete content on the right side of the window.
view imessage history
You can choose those iMessages you want and click on the “Recover” button to retrieve them.
view imessage

Tutorial 2: Use iTunes backup to view deleted iMessages

Step 1.Connect your iDevice with your computer and launch the program
First, connect your iDevice with your computer by USB.
Choose "Recover from iTunes Backup File".
Step 2.Scan your iTunes backup
Select the one that you want to view and click “Start Scan” to begin extract it.
how to view deleted imessages
Step 3.Read iMessage history in iTunes backup
When the scanning stops, you can read the iMessage history by ticking “Messages”. You can choose “Message Attachments” to see attachments, too. To retrieve them on your computer, just tick them and click on the “Recover” button.
view deleted imessages
Besides iMessages, you also can view other data like photos, contacts, voice memos, etc. in the similar way.

Tutorial 3: Use iCloud backup to view deleted iMessages

Step 1.Run the program and login your account
After connecting your device with your computer, launch the program. Choose "Recover from iCloud Backup File" and login your Apple account.
view imessage history
Step 2.Download your iCloud backup
After running the program, you can see a window like this. Choose the one you want to get by clicking "Download" button.
retrieving deleted imessages
Step 3.Scan and preview iMessages
After downloading, the scanning starts.
retrieving deleted imessages
You can take a preview of all the data, such as contacts, photos, iMessages, etc. Choose those you’d like to retrieve in the "Messages" and "Message Attachments" categories.

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