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Some Amazing Useful Safari Gestures for iPad

It is said that Safari is becoming another IE in the new era. Safari is improved for the iOS users, especially its content blocker introduced in WWDC Developer Conference 2015, to prevent advertisement. It sounds wonderful for iPad users but do you know the Safari gestures for iPad? Here are some practical guidance for iPad gestures in Safari screen.

Tips 1. Manage Safari Screen
Launch Safari app on the home screen. Secondly, pinch with two/three fingers on your Safari screen, so that you can exchange the position among several tabs.

Pinch to Manage Safari Screen

Tips 2. Close a Page
To close a tab needs to swipe from right to left on the screen or tapping the "ˣ" icon also works.

Close Safari Screen

Tips 3. Back to the Top
If you have slided down to view more about the page window, and tend to return to the top, just tap the top menu.

To Top of Safari Screen

Tips 4. Jump Forward or Back to a Page
It is similar to make gestures on the home screen of your iPad. Slide from right to left to go forward while the opposite way to go back to the previous page.

Jump Forward and Back to a Page

Tips 5. Check History
Sometimes, you need to go back to the page that you visited before. Move to your browsing history with holding down the back button shown as " < " icon on the screen.

Check History

Tips 6. Add to Favorite
Firstly, tap the URL on the top of the screen so you can view the screen as below. Then, you can press "Add to Favorite" to save this page.

Add to Favorite

Tips 7. Restore Closed Bookmark
Want to regain accidentally closed bookmark? You can achieve it quickly when you tap the tab button and hold down the "+" button on the interface. Select one bookmark on the "Recently Closed Tabs" and press "Done" to restore it.

Restore Closed Bookmark

Thanks to these shortcuts, you can save time to manage the pages on the your Safari screen on iPad. Those amazing tips maybe not so common so once you get them, share them with more people.

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