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How to Use Safari on Your iPad

As iOS 7 came to public, Safari had been improved a lot with simple style but with more content supplied to read in a page, which allows you view web page more quickly and comfortable. Moreover, iOS 8 is more excellent in security and device management. Such a powerful browser it is that you could surf internet smoothly. The basic Safari usage guidance and Safari gestures guidance are in need while you are applying this browser on your iPad.

Part 1. How to Use Private Browsing in Safari
Private Browsing Mode can not record your visited history in order to protect the users' searching.
1.Launch Safari app on your iPad.

Enter Safari

2.Touch the icon on the upper-right side to manage your pages.

Manage Safari Tabs

3.Tap "Private" on the top and press "Done" to finish and go back.

Tap Private on Safari

Notes: Press "Private" twice to turn off this mode.

Part 2. How to Use Reading List on Safari
iPad users can search some information and add the tab to Reading List so that they can read them in spare time.
1.Open Safari on the home screen on iPad.
2.Move to the "Share" button and then, tap "Add to Reading List" to save it. After that, you can check it with entering "Bookmark" and selecting the "Reading List" in the middle.

Add to Safari Bookmark

Check Saved Safari Bookmark

Part 3. How to Delete/Clear History and Cookies on Safari
History and cookies can save your searching record, including your visited pages, log-in information and so on. You can return to the previous tabs with them.
1.Enter Safari browser.
2.Tap "Setting" > "Safari" > "Clear History and Website Data" on your iPad and make sure ti clear with pressing "Clear" so the stored web page would fade away.

Delete Safari History

Part 4. How to Manage Tabs on Safari
For the sake of managing the tabs, you can close the tabs, open the tabs.
1.Press the icon on the top-right or pinch with two/three fingers on the screen.
2. Tap the "Close" button on the upper-left of the every tabs or click "Private" so the tab will disappear while click again to let it appear.

Close Safari Tabs

Part 5. How to Share Links on Safari
If you encounter with some interesting page and tend to share with others, you can share the links of the web page.
Choose the "Share" button and then select the path which you want to share, like "AirDrop/Messages"/ "Mail", etc.

Share Safari Links

Notes: There is another way to use shared links. Tap the "Bookmark" button and then, go to "@" on the top to tick the person to share.

Share Safari Links

Part 6. How to Manage Your Stored Credit Card Info
Enter "Setting" > "Safari" > "Passwords and AutoFill" > "Saved Credit Cards". You will be asked to enter your passcode to manage your credit card. In addition, choose "Add Credit Card" to create a newly saved card

Manage Credit Card

Add Credit Card

Part 7. How to restore deleted History and Bookmark on Safari
When you are using Safari on iPad, you delete the history or make the bookmark loss incautiously. But don’t worry, there is a tool that I am recommending for you. You can apply the iPhone Data Recovery to get back the history or restore bookmark on your iPad. By the way, iPhone Data Recovery for iPad is well-matched with iPad Pro/Air/2/1,  New iPad , ect.

iPad Data Recovery

Safari has made great progress after upgrading to iOS 8, and those progresses all start with users, especially the changes of Safari, for example, the credit card can be scanned by iPad camera. What a considerate service!

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