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How to Use Notes on iPad

As iOS 8 is upgraded, some functions have added so you can change your font of notes with bold, underline and italics, which is more humanistic. No matter in our daily life or business life, notes is contributed to take notes while attending meeting, marking what we think anytime, arrange our appointments, etc. In brief, to learn to use notes on iPad is beneficial for iPad users to manage trivia better, especially for those busy people.

How to Add and Delete Notes on iPad

Add Notes on iPad
1. Open the Notes app on iPad and then, choose a folder you want to save notes. Turn to "Edit" icon on the top-right corner.
2. Enable the keyboard by lightly tapping the text field, and begin to input contents. When it is accomplished, return to the last page and it will be save automatically.

Edit Content on Notes

Notes: If you want to add another note, you can tap the "Edit" icon on the top-right corner to create a new note on the list.

Delete Notes on iPad
Method 1
1.Enter the Notes app and open a note which you want to delete.
2.In the next screen, you can see a trash bin icon on the top-right, so press it and tap "Delete Note" button to delete the notes on iPad.

Delete Notes

Method 2
When you enter notes list, to tap "Edit" and select a note can also remove it with pressing "Delete" on the bottom. Confirm your choice with clicking "OK".

Delete Notes on Editing

Notes: This deleted note is saved in "Recently Deleted folder" in 30 days and during these days, it can be recovered.

Recover Deleted Notes

How to Share and Print Notes on iPad

Share Notes on iPad
1.Launch Notes app and open the note which you tend to share.
2.Choose the "Share" option on the top side so that you could view some paths for you to choose. Just select one way to share your notes on iPad.

Share Notes

Print Notes on iPad
1.As it shown above, opening the app and enter certain note is the first step.
2.Tap "Share" button. There is a "Print" option on the small interface and tap it to edit printer options. Finally, you can print your notes.

Print Notes

Print Option

How to Switch Note Accounts on iPad

1.Launch Notes app on the home screen of your iPad.

Launch Notes

2.Move to "Accounts" on the top of the screen.

Move to Accounts

3.Select one account that you want to view. Tap "All Notes" on the screen to see the whole notes from all accounts, while "Mail" and "iCloud" can pose the notes from them respectively.
All Accounts

Notes: You need to turn on Notes on iCloud and Mail so that you could gain them on Notes app. Otherwise, you can not switch the accounts.

How to Retrieve Notes on iPad

Most iPad users have ever experienced data loss. But don’t worry now, iPad Data Recovery offers you 3 ways to recover deleted notes on iPad-Restore from iTunes backup file, get back from iCloud backup file and recover from iPad. If you haven’ t backed up notes before, you could choose the first way to recover notes from iPad directly. On the contrary, you can apply the other two ways to restore notes from iTunes /iCloud backup file to iPad.

Retrieve Deleted Note

With these tips to mange your Notes app, you can be a good notes-taker. Follow these steps to get more details on such basic app on your iPad.

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