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How to Use iBooks on iPad

Knowledge broadens our mind. Nowadays, more and more people love to read books at their spare time. But to carry books with them or go to the library is not that convenient. What if you happen to have time for reading because the meeting is finished early. It will be convenient if you can have your books in iBook on iPad. Today I will show you how to use iBook on iPad.

Step 1. Open iBook Icon
Open the home screen of iPad, tap the "iBook" icon.
Tap iBook Icon on iPad
Step 2. Customize Reading Preference
iBook is now supported with ePub and PDF files. You can open a random book no matter in ePub or PDF format, and I will show you some basic reading settings.
a. Change Brightness and Font Size
As you can see in the below windows, you are allowed to change the brightness by adapting the scrolling bar. Slide left to be darker and right to be brighter. You can also change the font size. It's hard for the olds with presbyopia to read but a larger font size might help. There are two choices. You can use either size as you wish.

Change Brightness and Font Size on iPad iBook

b. Change Font
And if you think that the default font is too dull to read, you can even change the font. Just tap "Fonts" and choose the fonts you like in the next screen – Athelas, Charter, Georgia, Times New Roman, and more according to your preference.

Change Fonts on iPad iBook

c. Change Background Color
As you can see in the interface, there are background colors for you to choose as well. You just need to tap on the options –White, Sepia and Night. As we've chose "Night", the background color turned into black and the font color will automatically turn in to white in short.

Change Background Color on iPad iBook

d. Auto-Night Theme
As long as you've set Do Not Disturb Schedule on your iPad and turn the "Auto-Night Theme" mode on, it will automatically turn it into the night mode.

Auto-Night Theme on iPad iBook

Note: To set "Do Not Disturb Schedule", you can go to "Settings" > "Do Not Disturb" > "Scheduled" and choose the begin time and end time.

Do Not Disturb on iPad

e. Scrolling View
Scrolling View mode is another humanized design. If you turn it on, you can slide up on the screen to get to the next line or next page as you do when browsing the webpage. But if you turn the scrolling View mode off, it will be look like you are reading a real book. You just need to slide left to get to the next page. It's awesome, isn't it?

Page View on iPad iBook

Step 3. Read Books
Below are several tips to highlight sentences, add notes, find contents and add bookmarks. Let's cut to the chase.
a. Highlights
You just need to long press on the screen, and move the start spot and end spots to select the words/sentence(s) you want. Then, there will pop up several choices: Highlight, note, search.
Choose Contents on iPad iBook

Tap "Highlight" and you will see the below screenshot. Several colors are for you to choose.
Highlight in Different Colors on iPad iBook

b. Take Notes
To take note, you can tap the square icon after selecting the words.
Highlight and Take Note on iPad iBook

Then, you will be shown the below box, just type in anything you want.

Write Down Notes on iPad iBook

Then, tap the icon right next to "Library" (After tapping, the icon will turn into "Resume"), and you will see the below windows. Tap "Notes" to check the notes you just added.

Check for Notes on iPad iBook
c. Find Contents
By tapping the magnifier icon on the top right corner of the screen, you will be shown a search box. Just type in the keywords you want to search for. Before long, the contents that include the keywords you put into the search box will be shown up, including detail infos like chapter, contents, and even page.

Search Function on iPad iBook

Note: You can also search web or Wikipedia for the keywords.

d. Bookmarks
Here comes to the last one – Add bookmarks. After a long time of reading, you are tired and want to stop here. You can add bookmarks so that you can easily find where you've read next time you are going to read. Just tap "Bookmarks" icon on the top right corner. When it is added successfully as a bookmark, the bookmark icon will turn red.

Add Bookmarks on iPad iBook

That's all about how to use iBook on iPad. We also provide you with another article on how to import eBook to iBook on iPad, you can check it if you are interested.

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