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How to Use Calendar App on iPad

iPad makes schedule easier due to iPad calendar app. You can check your agenda according to day, week or month on calendar. You can also sync your iPad calendar with computer so that you can add, edit and delete affairs on computer via iCloud.com. It is really convenient to arrange your agenda using iPad calendar app.

How to Create/Delete Calendar Events on iPad

Create or Add Calendar Events on iPad
Step 1. Slide to your home screen and then, enter calendar app.

Enter Calendar

Step 2. Tap "Edit" icon on the top-right, so the screen with some details will come to you and then, you need to fill in the blank with "Title" and "Location". The new event is created by pressing "Add".

Add Calendar

Tips: Some items should be selected if necessary, like "Repeat", "Alert" and so on. Besides, when you launch this app, you can view calendar based on day, week, month or year.

Step 3. At this time, you can preview the event that you have added just now.

Preview Calendar

Delete or Remove iPad Calendar Events
Step 1.Tap the event on the date field.
Step 2.Choose the red word "Delete Event" and press "Delete Event" again when the next window comes. Thus, it is removed successfully.

Delete Calendar Event

Delete Event

Notes: If you tap "Edit" on the screen, you can rewrite your event. Tap "Done" to finish editing.

Edit Event

How to Share Calendar on iPad

Step 1. Launch Calendar app on the home screen.
Step 2. Turn to "Calendar" option on the bottom of the app screen. Then, select an iCloud item and tap the icon next to the item.

Choose Item

Step 3. Move to "Add Person" on "SHARED WITH", so you will be asked to select someone from your contact to share with clicking "Add". Finally, choose "Done" to share you calendar with those you have chosen.

Share with Person Add Person to Share Share with Done

How to Restore iPad Calendar

Sometimes you will lose calendar from iPad because of an accident deletion, iPad formatted, virus attack on iPad and more. Then, how to recover Calendar from iPad? Three methods of iPad Data Recovery are recommended to get back iPad calendar for you. If your iPad calendar hasn’t been backed up before, you could recover calendar from PC to iPad directly. But if any, iTunes/iCloud backup is the good method to restore calendar files from iPad.

Restore Calendar iPad

With the help of calendar app, you can keep your schedule and attend your meeting on time. Learn to be a punctual person, from getting skills of how to use calendar app on.

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