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How to Use AirDrop to Share Music on iPad

As we know, Home Sharing for Music app was removed by iOS 8.4 but iOS 9 Beta 4 has returned it with Apple Music. This feature allows iOS users to share their music between computer and iOS devices on home network. However, if you are not eager to share music with your family members but desire to share iPad music with someone around you on a whim. Thus, to AirDrop music from iPad could play significant role at this time.

Part 1. Share A Song with AirDrop on iPad

1.Enter music app on iPad and select a song that you'd like to share.

2.Tap "More" icon on the right side of the song and select "Share Song..." button for AirDrop.

Share Song

Notes: Make sure that you have turned on AirDrop from Control Center, or you might not see the ideal devices using AirDrop.

3.Press the name of iPad/iPhone that you want to airdrop. After a while, the music has been sent.

AirDrop Song

Part 2. AirDrop Songs from iPad

You can also select some songs belonging to an artist to share together. That is to say, it is possible to send not only one song from your iPad but the songs have to be part of an artist or an album.
1.Select an artist on music app so the songs of the same artist are presented on the screen. Choose "Share" button and tap the desired iOS device to airdrop music from your iPad.

AirDrop Songs from Artist

2.After being sent, you can get a signal of "Sent" on iPad.

Finsh AirDrop Songs

Notes: AirDrop may not move the music files from iPad to PC directly. Therefore, if you want to share music between iPad and PC, iPhone Transfer is a good choice, because it can transfer music easily and quickly without Wi-Fi.

In the process of sharing iPad music with iDevices nearby, you will notice that not all songs could be transferred using AirDrop. In the same way, not all artists and albums can be handled with such a convenient feature. Consequently, Apple should perfect this setting for iPad/iPhone users to make sharing more efficient and comprehensive.

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