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How to Update the iPad Operating System

iOS has made great progress during these years and brought lots of convenience to our daily life. The latest operating system is iOS which is released in WWDC 2015. The new system attempts to improve photo app, multitasking mode, etc., in order to make properties more stable and more comprehensive in functions. However, how to update the iPad operating system maybe a problem for the new iOS users. There are two ways to accomplish updating:

How to Update iPad without iTunes

Step 1. Plug in your iPad to power supply.
Step 2. Move to “Settings” > “General” > “Software Update”, so you can view the brief introduction of the new operating system and tap “Download and Install”.

Download and Install iOS

Step 3. After a few minutes, the updates package would be downloaded. When the popups comes, press “Install” or “Later” which depends on your choice.

Install iOS

Notes: Wi-Fi, enough storage space and power supply are needed in the process of updating.

How to Update iPad with iTunes

Step 1. Connect your iPad to iTunes on your PC.
Step 2. Select your iDevice on the top of the interface and move to “Summary” tab. Then, click “Update”.

Choose Summary

Choose Update

Tips: Before you update your iPad, you’d better do iTunes backup lest you would lose some significant iPad files.

Step 3. The next interface will ask you to press “Continue” and “Update” to install the latest version on your iPad. However, you need to wait for a period of time according to the processing bar on the top.

Choose Continue

Choose Update iOS

Notes: When you connect your iDevice to iTunes, a popup will ask you directly to update your iPad operating system, if there is higher iOS version. You can press “Download and Update” to continue.

Notes for Update

Several steps in two ways can get your iPad update successfully, but you need to wait for some time. After updating, your iPad can fix bugs on your device and make functions powerful to allow you handle it smoothly. Apple attempts to perfect its operating system for users to make its system more powerful and attractive. As an iPad user, why not to enjoy such achievement.

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