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Tricks for Typing Faster on Your iPad's Keyboard

Unlike iPhone users who can hold their iPhone and type with only one hand, it becomes an uneasy thing for iPad users to input characters when they are lying on their bed especially for girls which has small hands and short fingers. But there're still some keyboard shortcuts to type faster.

Part 1. Basic Keyboard Settings

First of all, go to Settings > General > Keyboard to turn on multiple keyboard shortcuts.

Setting Keyboard on iPad

After that, the shortcuts will all be shown in the right side of the interface as the below window shows. Now I will introduce some of them to you.

Keyboard Shortcuts Settings on iPad

1. Keyboards: By entering the "Keyboard" choice, you can add the input method you prefer, emoji included.
2. Shortcuts: You can customize the shortcuts that are most useful for you. For example, you can set the shortcuts "Omg" to replace "Oh my god", "Omw" to replace "On my way" and "Brb" to replace "Be right back", you name it. And the correct word or sentence will be listed for you to choose.

Set Shortcuts on iPad

3. Split Keyboard: If you turn on this function and the option become green, you are allowed to split the keyboard into two parts so that you can type the characters with both your thumbs. Convenient, isn't it?

Split Keyboard on iPad

Just put two of your fingers at the center of the keyboard and slide the left finger to the left and the right one to right. And the other way to split the keyboard is also easy. Just long press the button on the lower-right corner untill there're two choice coming out as below. Then click "split" and that's it. You can also move the whole keyboard from the bottom to anywhere you like by pressing the button next to "123" and then you can just move it.

Move or Split Keyboard on iPad

Part 2: Other Magic Tricks for Easier Typing

Besides the operation we mentioned above, I think you can't wait to know the below useful tricks to type faster:
1. Automatic Apostrophes
You may think that the " ' " symbol is hard to find when typing, this will take your time. But, fortunately, when you want to type "I'm" or "Don't", iPad is smart enough that it allows you to type "Im" and "Dont" directly and the correct one will be automatically shown up.

Automatic Postrophes on iPad Keyboard

2. Double/Single Quotes and Degree Symbol
To long press the "!," button next to the letter "M", you will have a single quote symbol shown, and if the "?," a double quote symbol will be shown. If you want to add a degree symbol which is used to describe temperature, you can long press the "0 (zero)".

3. Accent
If you are from France or other country, you can use the keyboard to type the character you want by long-pressing the letter.

Accent Shortcuts on iPad

4. Typing Numbers/Punctuation Faster
When you are typing English, how to switch to numbers or punctuation quickly? It's easy. When numbers are needed, long press the "123" option, don't leave your finger from the screen, just move it to the character you want and release. And the keyboard will go back to the English typing status.

Type Characters or Punctuations Fast

5. Multiple TLDs
When you are typing on Safari or Mail, it's common for you to add top-level domains (TLD) like ".com", ".net", ".edu", ".org", ".jp", ".us", and more. What you need is just to long press "." on the lower-right corner of the number/symbol keyboard. In the character keyboard, just click "?." And you can choose the one you want.

Type Top-Level Domain Symbol on iPad

If you think that you really get some new tricks after reading this article, please share it with your friend so that he/she can give a quick response when chatting with you online. If you have different ideas on it please feel free to leave your opinion below and discuss with us. Your kindly feedback will also be welcomed.

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