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How to Turn on or off Bluetooth on iPad

Bluetooth is a wireless technology which was first adopted on Nokia. We often use Bluetooth to sync files between different devices. Moreover, with another practical function which is more helpful and popular, we can use Bluetooth to connect to a hotspot and have access to surf the Internet. This outstanding feature is welcomed by a large number of iOS users because it is cable-free and handy. Now let me show you how to turn on or off Bluetooth on your iPad mini 3/Air 2/mini 2, iPhone 6/6 Plus/5s/5c/5 and other iOS devices.

Part 1. Set Up Bluetooth on iPad

Step 1. Go to Settings
In the home screen, tap on the "Settings" icon and find "Bluetooth" as the below screenshot shows. Then, turn on the toggle of the Bluetooth on the right side. And your iPad mini 3 will start detecting for the Bluetooth signal.

Set Up Bluetooth on iPad

Then, you will be shown the below pop-up asking if you'd like to pair the device. Just tap "Pair" as you want.

Bluetooth Pair on iPad

Step 2. Bluetooth Connected
After you confirm the request, it will match the Bluetooth and the device name of your iPhone and the device name will be shown on your iPad.

Bluetooth Connected on iPad

Note: Another useful function that we use frequently with Bluetooth is to match to a hotspot and surf the Internet. Please read the next part to see how it works.

Part 2. Pair Hotspot to Browse Webpage

Step 1. Open Hotspot on iPhone
Hold your iPhone 6 Plus on your hand, go to Settings > Cellular, turn on Cellular Data and then Personal Hotspot. If you are not very clear about the step, you can read this article: How to Turn on Hotspot on iPad.

Set Up Hotspot on iPhone

Step 2. Pair the iPhone and iPad
After set up hotspot on your iPhone, your iPad (with Bluetooth turned on) will detect it and both your iPhone and iPad will pop up a window asking you to pair the devices. Tap "Pair" and done.

Bluetooth Connection on iPhone

Step 3. Browse the Internet
After having your iPad connected to the iPhone hotspot, you can now access to the internet. You can browse www.recovery-ipad.com on your iPad without connecting to Wi-Fi or using cellular data any more.

Browse Webpage through Bluetooth on iPad

As you can see, to turn on and turn off Bluetooth on iPad is just as simple as a piece of cake. There must be some other iPad basic settings you'd like to know, please feel free to let us know if you need our help. We are always here, presenting the most practical and useful tips and tricks for iPhone and iPad.

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