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How to Turn on Hotspot on iPad

Wi-Fi lets us enjoy surfing the internet so conveniently but it would not always exit around you anywhere. However, as we live in such a network era, without network, how can we catch up with the fashion and catch the latest news? At this point, hotspot on your iPad Mini/iPad Air becomes more and more important. Apple has released two kinds of iPad. One is equipped only with WLAN and the other one is set with WLAN and Cellular data. If your iPad owns personal hotspot feature, you can move to the following steps to turn on hotspot on iPad iPad Air 2/iPad Mini 3/iPad Air/Mini 2.

How to Set iPad Hotspot

1.Tap "Settings" > "Cellular Data" to turn on the toggle as below.

Turn on Cellular Data

2.Turn on the ON/OFF toggle next to "Personal Hotspot". Then, you can view the hotspot turned on on the "Settings" list.

Turn on Personal Hotspot

Notes: It is possible to change your hotspot password with tapping "Wi-Fi Password" from "Settings" > "Personal Hotspot".

Set Password for Personal Hotspot

That it is! Once you finish turning on hotspot on iPad, your friends or other devices of yours can share your internet connection wirelessly. Frankly, personal hotspot is similar to Wi-Fi but it costs cellular data with which you may surf the internet slower than Wi-Fi. Only if you want to connect your iPad to hotspot from other devices, can you connect to it as connect iPad to Wi-Fi.

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