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How to Transfer Purchases from iPhone to PC

For many users, it is really confusing to save every data, especially, some purchased data, because they have paid for them with money. Some users buy some music from iTunes and they may cherish them. However, if you keep everything in your iPhone, it is dangerous since something unexpected may happen to your iPhone, for example, you may delete some purchases by accident or get your phone lost. It is safe to transfer the purchases from iPhone to PC as a backup.

iPhone Transfer can help you solve your confusing and convey the purchases from iPhone to PC, including music, movies, MV, TV shows, books, ringtones, etc. You can copy them from iPhone to PC for standby. Then, you can delete some data and record some new data you want. Only if you execute such transferring, would you fear anything lost from your iPhone. Also, this software can support iPhone/iPad/iPod.

Free download the trial version and have a try.

Tutorial 1: Copy iPhone purchases to PC selectively

Now, let's take a kind of purchases-music as an example. There're two methods for you to choose below.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone with PC
Firstly, download the trial version of iPhone Transfer, install and run the program on PC. Secondly, connect your iPhone with computer. Then, you could see the interface below.

Transfer Purchase iPhone to Computer

Step 2. Transfer music from iPhone to PC
Click "Media" from the left side and you can see some choices. Then, click "music" .Choose one you would like to transfer to the computer. You can choose any music you want or the whole, just click them. After that, click "Export to" > "Export to PC", and choose a certain folder in PC to save your purchases.

Copy Music from iPhone

Tutorial 2: Backup all purchases to PC with one step

After connecting your iPhone with PC, you can see some choices at the bottom of the interface. Click "To folder", and your data will be scanned by the program. When you see the interface below, click "Start" and choose a folder you want to save the purchases.

Backup Purchase to Computer

Oh, it is finished! The two ways are so simple to execute and useful for you to keep your purchases so that you do not need to worry that your data would go away and only leave you sadness. Just several seconds and clicks could bring you convenience, so hurry up to use iPhone Transfer which can also transfer other purchases besides photos.

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