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How to Transfer Podcasts from an iPhone to a Computer

A friend of mine sent in the following question which I think many of us can relate to:
I've accumulated a lot of podcasts downloaded straight to the iPhone, which have now all vanished from iTunes store. I'm trying to save space on my iPhone by saving them to computer, but I can't find a way to do this. iTunes is the normal mechanism for transferring from an iPhone to a computer. However, if I synchronize the library between my device and iTunes it will wipe out everything in my phone. Do you know any software suggestions to get it done?

The above issue was finally tackled by a kind of software I recommended—iPhone Transfer, which fully supports iPhone SE/6s/6s Plus and all the other iDevice, makes it possible to transfer media to any Mac or Windows computer. That way, you can enjoy the podcasts you downloaded to the iPhone on your laptop anytime your want.

Transfer Podcasts from iPhone to Computer

Step 1. Connect device to PC
Run the program after installing it. Plug in your iPhone with USB cable and wait till your device gets detected.

install iphone transfer

Step 2. Export media files from iOS device
On the left hand side, click Media to open a list of media options on the primary window. On the top of the main window, select Podcasts. Now, take your time to find the podcast you wish to export, then click on Export to > Export to PC to start copying.

export podcasts from iPhone

You can also transfer mobies, music videos, TV shows and more from iPhone/iPad/iPod to computer, or vice versa. If you have any questions about iPhone Transfer, contact me through comment section. I'll get to you as soon as possible.

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