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How to Transfer Pictures from Computer to iPhone

Want to transfer pictures from computer to iDevice so that you can share these photos through various apps installed on your handset? Some may think this can easily be done with the help of iTunes, but some of us may find the iTunes interface too complicated to perform. In Apple forum there are even tons of complains of pictures being erased by iTunes during the sync process. In the following demonstration, you will see how to perform this task by using iPhone Transfer.

iPhone Transfer is very suitable when you want to upload large quantity of photos from Mac or PC. Since it's not using any internet connection, the whole transfer process would be faster and more reliable.

Transfer Pictures from PC to iPhone

Step 1. Connect device with USB cable
On your computer, open iPhone Transfer and attach your handset to the computer. Your device will be recognized shortly.

connect iphone to computer

Step 2. Upload images to Apple device
Add images to iPhone Photo Library:
In the menu list on the left, click Photos > Photo Library. Then click Add > Add file or Add folder on the top menu bar. After that, choose the photos that you want to import.

Add new photo album/folder to iPhone:
You may click Photos and navigate to Add > New Album or Add folder to create a new album.
The importing might take time depending upon the number of photos. Disconnect the iPhone from the computer when complete.

transfer pictures from pc to iphone

So that's as simple as it can get. You can follow this guide to transfer photos from PC or Mac to iPhone 6s/ 6s Plus or any other Apple devices without involving iTunes. If you think there are more details about iPhone Transfer that hasn't been mentioned here, please let me know in the comment, I'm assure you a quick and satisfy response.

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