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How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Mac

"I recently got a new MacBook. The problem is my old PC crashed and I lost all of my songs that were on that computer. The only songs I have left are on my iPhone. When I go to "sync" my phone to my new iTunes, which is my old account, it says that everything will be erased. Is there any way I could simply transfer music from iPhone to my new MacBook?"

Due to iTunes limitations, many people say that it is hard to transfer music from iPhone to Mac, especially when they try to transfer iPhone music to a new Mac. To prevent music from being erased, you need the help of iPhone Transfer for Mac. It empowers you to copy music from iPhone to MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac without erasing any data. Moreover, with this software, you can transfer music from Mac to iPhone easily. Also, this program is bale to covert music files to iPhone compatible format automatically.

Free download the trial version of iPhone Transfer for Mac on your Mac computer and have a try.

How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Mac

Step 1. Disable iTunes Auto Sync
Launch iTunes and click "iTunes"> "Preferences…". Then click "Devices" shown on the top of the screenshot. Tick the option "Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically." By doing this, you’ll no need to worry that your iPhone backup be overwritten any more.

disable itunes auto sync

Step 2. Launch iPhone Transfer and connect iPhone to Mac
Download, install and launch iPhone Transfer for Mac on your Mac desktop. Then, use the USB cable to connect your iPhone to Mac. The program will detect your device automatically. And you’ll see the interface as below:

connect iphone to Mac

Step 3. Transfer iPhone music to Mac
Click "Media" on the left and then click "Music" on the top of right panel. Tick all the songs you want. After that, click "Export to" > "Export to Mac". Then, choose the folder you want to save these songs on Mac.

transfer iphone music to mac

To transfer iPhone music to Mac, you can also click "Playlist" in the left side column and then choose the music you want.

export playlist form iphone to mac

Tips: Besides transferring music to Mac, you can also transfer music from iPhone to iTunes by clicking "Export to iTunes".

iPhone Transfer for Mac can also:
*Add music, contacts, photos, playlist, movies, books from Mac to iPhone;
*Transfer files between iPhone, iPad and iPod;
*Backup all iPhone/iPad/iPod files to iTunes and Mac;
*Manage iPhone contacts, photos, music SMS, etc.

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