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How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPad

"I recently become a fan of Justin Bieber after listening to his new song - What Do You Mean. Yesterday, I downloaded dozens of songs sung by Justin Biber on my computer from iTunes. I don't really know how to sync music with iTunes and I am afraid that if not operate appropriately, the old songs on my iPad Pro will be gone forever. Could anyone show me how to transfer music from computer to iPad without iTunes please?"

iPhone Transfer will help you sync music from computer to iPad with ease. You just need to download iPhone Transfer on your computer and follow the steps below.

iPhone Transfer is an excellent music transfer program that allows you to copy unlimited songs from computer to iOS devices. To sync music from PC, you can simply view the folder on your computer and find the songs you want to add to your iPad Pro.

How to Copy Music from Computer to iPad

Step 1. Download and Launch iPhone Transfer
First thing first, you can download the mighty music transfer software on your computer by clicking the download button above. Then, choose a folder to install the program and launch it after the installation. After that, connect your iPad Pro to the PC via USB cord.

iPad Music Transfer

Step 2. Add Songs from PC to iPad
After your iPad connected and detected, click "Media" > "Music" and you will get the below window. Choose "Add" on the top and choose "Add File" or "Add Folder" on your computer. After that, a window will pop up for you. Then, you can choose and view the folders that have the music files you want included. Select and click "OK" and songs will be transferred with ease.

Add Music from PC to iPad

With these two simple steps, you've successfully transfer music from computer to iPad with iPhone Transfer which specializes in transferring audio files from PC to iDevices. When your friends ask you "How do I transfer music from computer to iPad?", you can just show them this tutorial to help them solve the iPad songs copying issue. To transfer iPad photos between PC and iOS devices, videos/books/contacts and messages as well, you can also use this mighty program with the similar steps.

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