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How to Transfer Purchases from iPhone to iTunes

Though Apple has made technology more personal and simple for millions of customers, there are still some important features missing when it comes to transfer purchases from iPhone to iTunes. To make sure all of your music, videos and other media files purchased through App store are properly backed up in the event you accidentally delete your files, lose your device, or need to restore your phone, you can copy them over to iTunes library with iPhone Transfer.

iPhone Transfer, with its amazing features, makes it simple to get all your purchased data to your iTunes easily. By doing so, it will no longer a facepalm to get purchased or non-purchased books or ringtones synced to the other device.

Transfer Purchases from iPhone to iTunes

Step 1. Connect iDevice to computer
Once install iPhone Transfer and connect your device, the program will recognize it and shows the detail information of the device.

install iPhone transfer

Step 2. Export iPhone purchases to iTunes
Click Media in the left sidebar, then from the top menu choose Movies, TV shows, Music Videos or any other data that you like to export. For example, if you want music transferred to iTunes, click Music and click Export to > Export to iTunes Library.

transfer iPhone purchases to iTunes

The above procedures also work in reverse – allowing you to transfer content back to your device – as long as you stick with iPhone Transfer,

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