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How to Transfer Pictures from iPhone to Computer

The high-quality of iPhone build-in camera has made it easier than ever to capture pictures, and while you can view the pictures or print them on a big PC screen, how to transfer them to your desktop computer is not as easy as it sounds. You can sync your photos using iTunes but that doesn't really serve as a means of accessing individual pictures. So I looked through various software I can find, and when I tried iPhone Transfer, I knew I was looking in the right place.

If you have iPhone Transfer, pulling photos off iDevice is fast and efficient. It provides advanced image organizing utilities to manage your iOS pictures. I will guide you through three basic steps. The process is very similar whether you are on a Mac or PC.

Transfer Pictures from iPhone to PC/Mac

Step 1. Plug iPhone into PC
Run iPhone transfer on your computer and plug in your device using USB sync cable. The program shows your device's information by default when you make the connection between the iPhone and your PC. If the program is not recognizing your handset, make sure that your device is unlocked first.

iPhone pictures transfer

Step 2. Upload images to laptop/desktop
In the navigation pane on the left side, unfold Photos tab. You should see Camera Roll, Photos library, Videos and any other albums under the tab. Select one that contains your desired picture, and right click Check All to get all the pictures, otherwise choose specific photos by clicking on them.

transfer iPhone pictures

Step 3. Download images from iMobile
Click Export to > Export to PC on the top menu bar. Select a location on your PC for the chosen images to store. Once complete, you can disconnect your handset from your desktop.

iOS photos to computer

Note: Photos takes quite large file size in your iDevice. If you use the camera on a regular basis, you should regularly pull the images off your Apple handset using iPhone Transfer.

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