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How to Transfer Photos from iMac to iPhone

"My cousin comes to me for the photos we took on our cocktail party. I've move the pictures from my Cannon to iMac. Here are the problems:
1. I don't have an iTunes backup of her iPhone 5s on my iMac so I can't sync with iTunes.
2. I put those pictures together with other images in the same folder. It will be complex to copy one by one without knowing whether it is the ones I want.
What can I do? Is there any third-party program that can help me transfer the pictures I want from iMac to iPhone easily, efficiently and safely?"
This is common and what you need is iPhone Transfer (Mac).

Let's see what iPhone Transfer (Mac) can do:
1. Sync photos between iPhone and computer including Windows and Macbook.
2. Move images from iOS to other iOS.
3. Add new pictures to Photo Library and other Album.
4. Play and preview images before transfer.
5. Delete pics in Photo Library and other Album.
It is just part of it, and we will show you other powerful functions at the end of this tutorial.

Download iPhone Transfer (Mac) on your iMac and have a try:

How to Transfer Photos from iMac to iPhone

Step 1. Run the program and connect iPhone to Mac
Launch the program and connect iDevice to your iMac with the help of USB cable. Then, your iDevice will be detected within seconds. After that, the iPhone model and other info will be shown on right side of the main interface. And the data type supported will be displayed on the left side of the interface.

Primary Windows to Transfer Photos from iMac to iPhone

Note: For more info, you can click "More info" for the detail information of your iPhone like device name, type, iOS version, serial number, storage usage, and more.

Step 2. Add Photos from Computer to iPhone
Choose "Photos" in the left side of the interface, and then all the albums will be shown. Choose "Photo Library" and click "Add", then "Add File" or "Add Folder" as you wish.

Choose and Add Photos from iMac to iPhone

1. If you choose to add files from computer to iOS and don't want to put them with other photos, you can add an new album before hand and then choose it and click "Add".
2. You are not allowed to add pictures into the "Camera Roll" and "Panoramas" or "Videos" because they are specially used to store photos and videos that captured by your iPhone.

Step 3. Transfer Photos from iMac to iPhone 5s
After you select all the photos you want in the folder on your computer, you can start transferring your images. When the process is over, you can get the pics in your iPhone Photo Library as you've chose before.

It is very easy, isn't it? You can transfer pictures from iMac to iDevice with the help of iPhone Transfer (Mac). It also allows you to sync music, videos, music videos, iTunes U, podcast, TV Shows, playlist, ePub, contacts, text messages, and so on, between iDevice(iPhone, iPad, iPod), iTunes and computer and backup iOS data. That means, you are also allowed to transfer your music from computer to iPhone as well as backup your iPhone contacts.

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