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Nine Interesting Facts about iPhone You Probably Don't Know

Whether or not you are holding an iPhone, there are some cool facts about iPhone that perhaps will arouse your interest. If you are exactly using an iPhone, you definitely don't want to be missing these facts about iPhone that reputedly over 50% users are blind to those. Learn these obscure facts and share with your friends. You will indeed be the mastermind of iPhone!

Now, Let' s See Some Interesting Facts about iPhone

1.You cannot turn on both flash lamp and High-dynamic-range imaging (HDR) at the same time when taking photos. Even if you turn on one by one, one will be automatically off when another is on.

Interesting Facts Turn on Flash Lamp and HDR

2.You may notice that there are two speaker-like things under your iPhone, including iPhone SE, if you're still using iPhone released before iPhone 6. What's more, you may also know that there is only one 'speaker' that can speak out. The truth is one of both is microphone which ensures that your voice can be heard on the other side.

Interesting Facts Set Mute

3.Up to ten call logs are able to be saved. There is no number showing you how many call logs are exactly recorded, but you certainly can count by yourselves.

Interesting Facts Ten Call Logs

4.You can use Apple Pay even under the circumstance of no network. I assume most of you have already known so far, but what I am telling you is that you'd better give up paypal in such cases.

Interesting Facts Apple Pay

5. If you purchase an iPhone in countries like Japan or South Korea, you cannot set your iPhone mute when taking photos in case of secret filming. However, filming a video will have no such limitation.

Interesting Facts Secret Filming

6. You can easily and quickly delete numbers by swiping left or right in calculating area on the preinstalled calculator if you accidentally type in wrong numbers.

Interesting Facts Calculator

7.As is known to all, iPhone's receiver is in strip-like shape. It shapes so for no reason but for decoration - making it look better. Due to its round camera, it looks less nice whether the receiver is shaped round or spot-like.

Interesting Facts iPhone Receicer

8.Pick up your iPhone, and check out if it has another tiny hole on your iPhone without being mentioned in the instrument. (I am not talking about the hole next to the SIM card slot) The little hole is in fact used to reduce noise when you're phoning others. Do not use needle to poke it.

Interesting Facts A Tiny Hole

9. You will see a black Apple icon with white background if your iPhone is framed white when turning on. However, an iPhone framed black will show a white Apple icon with black background. It is totally different. Most people know little about this fact, for few people possess two iPhones of different color at the same time.

Interesting Facts Interface of Turning on

After reading this post, do you feel like you have already known a lot about iPhone that others don't. Welcome to share with your friends these funny but little known facts.

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