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Ten iOS 8 Features You May Not Know About

1. Camera: Manual exposure slider

It is really a practical function. When you have tapped to focus a subject, you can “choose” the exposure yourself just by dragging the sun icon next to the focus square.

manual exposure slider

2. See which apps are hogging battery
iOS now tells you which apps are draining your battery the most. Through opening Settings> General>Usage>Battery Usage, you can find which apps drain your battery most in past 24 hours or in past seven days.

battery usage

3. See every attachment from every conversation

The new "details" section of Messages is pretty amazing. It can help you go through all attachment from all conversations on a single screen. Besides, photos and videos that you have send or received are included. If you want to get more space, the “detail” also makes it conveniently. You can delete an attachment by holding on it. Additionally, if you delete the wrong messages, you can retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone with iPhone Data Recovery.


4. The more powerful Spotlight

Maybe you have never notice Spotlight. But once you start to use it, you will be fond of it at once. Sliding from top to bottom in the main screen in your iDevice, Spotlight will appear. Spotlight becomes more powerful in iOS 8.  It'll display Wikipedia snippets, suggested websites, content from iTunes and the App Store, local movie times, and more based on your search queries. Besides, it can search information automatically and provide you instant messages by digging your message history, email, and reminders.

powerful spotlight

5. View RSS feeds in Safari's Shared Links

Who say that RSS is out of date? Now, you can subscribe to feeds from your favorite sites in Safari's "Shared Links" and steps are very simple. Visit the site that you want to see in Safari, and then just hit the bookmarks icon, tap the @ symbol, and subscriptions will be found at the bottom.

Safari shared links

6. “Hey,Siri”

As long as your iOS device is powered on, you can launch Siri by saying “Hey,Siri”. You can go to Siri's settings to turn this feature on. It may be a little power wasted iOS is constantly listening for the right phrase, but we cannot deny that it provides a lot of conveniences for those who are driving cars.

hey Siri

7. Visit desktop sites in Safari

"Mobile" websites can be truly awful sometimes. Now, you can visit desktop site in Safari in iOS8.

visit desktop sites

8. Search popular websites quickly

After entering Safari's settings, you will see a new function called “Quick Website Search”. Safari will “remember” the website that you once visited. So from then on , you can visit any website you once visited by launching a Safari search and Safari will offer to (instantly) search the website itself.

search popular websites

9. Rearrange where you share

You can rearrange your system’s share sheet in iOS 8 now. For example, you can give priority to apps you use most often. If you are crazy about Pinterest, you can put Pinterest ahead of messages and emails, so you can easily get there without swiping.

rearrange your share

10. Set up a Medical ID

You are highly recommended to set up a medical ID after installing iOS 8. It provides an easy reference of any medical conditions you might have for doctors. In addition, it can be accessed from the lock screen by visiting the emergency dialer section.

medical id

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