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How to Sync Data Between iPhone and iCloud on Web Page

iCloud.com has new version while there are still many people confused about its usage and function. Actually, it offers lots of benefits for us when we sync data between iPhone and iCloud, which means that Contacts, Notes, Reminder, Calendar, Keynote, Pages and Numbers on web page can be kept the same as iDevice. Besides, you could update records on web page and these new data can be changed on certain iOS device synchronously. Now, let’s come to have a look how to use iCloud.com to sync iPhone data.

Step 1. Open iCloud on your iPhone 7/7 Plus
If you want to enter all iCloud.com Apps mentioned above, you must use your Apple ID to set iCloud on iDevice. You can find “Settings” and choose “iCloud” to tap on all On/Off toggles.

Setting iCloud

Enable Data

Step 2: Open iCloud Web Page
Firstly, open www. iCloud.com on your computer and then, sign in with your Apple ID and passcode. Thus, you can see the interface below.

iCloud Home Page

Step 3: Select Certain App to Edit
You can choose an app you want to edit or update and click it.
Sync Contacts
If you choose “Contacts”, then, click “Edit” on the top to update the records.

iCloud Contacts

You can edit the situation on the list shown. If it is OK, click “Done”.

Edit Contacts

After editing, it is time to check it on your iPhone. As you can view the interface below, it means that the contacts syncing is completed.

Sync Contacts on iCloud

Sync Reminders
When you want to choose “Reminders” on iCloud.com, it can also work.

Reminders Contacts on iCloud

Select the event you need to update and click “Details” to change some items. When it is finished, press “Done”. If not, click”Delete”.

Reminders Edit on iCloud

You can see the new reminder your have updated on your iOS device if you open the app, so the reminder is synced.

Sync Reminders on iCloud

As you can see, it is so simple to handle your iPhone data on iCloud web page. The updated data would be saved on iPhone simultaneously. Notes, calendar, keynote, pages, numbers, etc. shown on the entering interface can be also synced as contacts and reminders. It brings lots of advantages to us ,especially when you are busy, you can arrange the events on computer quickly.

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