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Syncing Bookmarks iOS 7 with iCloud

Nowadays many browsers have the function of syncing bookmarks beyond the clouds. But much of them can only sync the bookmarks of their own browsers, and that the three main browsers have their own features. For example, I love using Firefox on PC, using Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS. Therefore, you can see that it is troublesome to syncing the bookmarks. Fortunately with the coming of iOS 10, the Apple’s cloud-synchronization service iCloud has updated. Via the new iCloud we can sync the bookmarks on multiple devices with different systems. Let us see that next.

icloud settings

With the new iCloud, we can combine and sync the bookmarks of Firefox, Chrome and Safari, and then just utilize their own sync function. First we need install the desktop control panel of iCloud Windows. One thing that need pay attention is that it supports Windows 7 and Windows 8 only. Restarting the your computer after finishing the installment and then open the iCloud and login your Apple ID.
iCloud Safari

We can see that the desktop control panel of iCloud has changed flat of iOS 10 after login.

Safari Bookmarks

The old versions can only support sync the bookmarks of IE browser, now the new version can support Firefox and Chrome, tick them both and come back to the main interface to click the adhibition button, it is OK.

iCloud Tabs

However, as you are losing bookmarks accidentally, don’t worry; Here is a stimple way to help you work out this problem. iPhone Data Recovery is professional software to get back data, including contacts, messages, bookmark and more. It offers three approaches to restore bookmarks. It is worth noting that if bookmarks haven’t been backed up before, you can connect the devices and recover from iOS device directly. On the contrary, iTune backup method and iCloud backup method, one of them will be the best choice, because these are regarded as the most practical and safest method.

Recover Bookmarks Directly

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