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What to Do When Home Button doesn't Work

As the only one button on iPad, home button plays different kinds of roles in the operation. When your iPad is iOS 5 or later, you could find out that virtual key can be set up on iPad. What a considerate feature it is to protect iPad home button! Frankly, would you be aware to what can we mainly do with home button?
1.One-click on home button for home screen
2.Double-clicks on home button for multitasking bar
3.Keep clicking on home button for Siri app

It is apparent that home button should be protected, but when there is something wrong with it, what could we do as it isn't responsive?

Calibrate your iPad with Apps

1.Enter any app as you like.
2.Hold down power button/sleep or wake button for "Slide to power off" icon. Without sliding the bar on the screen, just press the home button again to go back to home screen.

Slide to Power off

At this point, the home button would return to normal status. If not, follow the next step.

Charge with Power Supply

1.Connect your iPad to power supply with USB cable.
2.Hold down the home button until the Siri appears. Then, pull out the connector. Thus, you can try whether the home button could be used.

Enter Siri

Update or Restore iPad

1.Connect your iPad to iTunes with USB cable.
2.Select the iPad icon on the top to choose "Summary" and click "Restore iPad" or "Update", which aims to upgrade your iPad firmwares. It is the common way to get your home button used normally.

Restore iPad

Enable on-screen Home Button

Move to "Settings" > "General" > "Accessibility" > "Assistive Touch" to enable virtual home button.

Assistive Touch

Turn on Assistive Touch

These solutions can deal with your home button problems. Actually, to do some cleaning with your iPad home button with alcohol or to disassemble iPad to repair may work for this issue, but it is possible to get your iPad damaged. For the sake of extending the life span of your iPad home button, use it carefully.

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