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Siri Not Working after Upgrading to iOS 7

Some users reflect that after upgrading to iOS 10/9/8/7, Siri on iPhone 5s cannot work normally: Siri cannot answer any questions.
In these cases, we collect several solutions for your reference:
Or you can look at the tutorial about: How to Restore iPhone after Updating to iOS 7 to make your Siri work normly.
When you find the problem, restart your phone first to check whether it is OK or not.
1. The cause may be that the default server of Siri on iphone5s (U.S. version) is set as United States after upgrading. So users should log on Twitter or Facebook and press the Home button a few seconds. Then you can use Siri normally.
2. Settings - > General -> Siri-> My Info - > just set up a contact (preferably set as "10086" pure digital, create a new contact if you haven't) and make a tick, then it can be solved.
3. Settings - > General - > Restrictions - > check whether the restriction of Siri is on
4. Settings - > General -> Siri-> My Info, here do not select "Me". If you have selected it in the address book, then Siri will face the problem that cannot answer questions. Otherwise it will return to normal. If you have selected "Me", you can delete the contact that you have chosen. Then Siri settings will show "Me" as "None".
5. Settings - > General -> Siri-> Language - > switch the national language, press the Home bottom, and try Siri again.
6. Settings - > General - > Reset - > Reset all settings
7. You should first back up your data files, then Settings - > General - > Reset - > Reset All Content and Settings.
8. If all methods mentioned above cannot solve the problem, you only have to re- swipe the firmware, but please remember to back up your data before doing it.

siri not working

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