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How to Share Photos/Videos with AirDrop from iPad

Try to imagine when you are attending a party, would you take some funny photos and videos as souvenir? What’s more, when you’re enjoying a wonderful trip, could you keep such beautiful sightseeings in your mind and in pictures? I think you couldn’t wait to share those unforgettable masterpiece with others. For sharing your delighted feelings with others, AirDrop can offer helps on sending such valuable videos or photos. Only if you set up AirDrop on your iPad, would the devices nearby be presented to you. Besides, so quickly it works that you can transfer one or more photo/video files in a short time.

How to AirDrop Photos/Videos from iPad

1.Swipe up from the bottom of home screen for Control Center to select "Contacts Only" or "Everyone" in "AirDrop".

Enable AirDrop on iPad

Notes: This step can be also operated after you select files that you want to share, but to turn it on firstly is suggested lest you may feel confused that this feature cannot be used.

2.Tap "Photos" app on the home screen. Then, select an ideal picture and press "Share" button on the left bottom.

Tap to Share Photos

Notes: Not all iPads will show the "Share" button on the left-bottom, like iPad Air which will present it on the upper-right side.

3.Choose "AirDrop" to send the photo. After you tap it, you can view the name of other iOS users who also use AirDrop around you. Select the one who you'd like to send the image to.

Select Person to Share Photos

Notes: Actually, this feature allows you to send more than one photo once. Tick the small circle on the bottom of certain pictures to transfer them via AirDrop.

4.When the photo has been shared, "Sent" icon will appear under the name of receiver.

Finish Sending Photos

It is apparent that AirDrop can save time to send your desired photos as well as videos which could be transferred in the same process. Moreover, if you tend to transfer photos from iPad to PC, or you're not exposed to the condition with Wi-Fi, move to seek for other methods to share your iPad videos and photos.

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