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How to Set Up Your New iPad/iPad Air/iPad Mini

As the rumor said, iPad Pro will bring big changes to us, so lots of Apple fans are waiting for its release. We can predict that iPad Pro will attract many customers, while not all of them know how to set up a new iPad. As an old user of iPad Mini/ iPad Air, you may be aware of how to handle its setting, but if your iPad is upgraded to the latest iOS version, can you know how to set it up again? Just follow the guidance on your iPad screen, and it can solve your confusion.

Step 1 Slide to Start Setting up
When you power on your new iPad, you will see the interface below and slide from left to right with your finger on the screen. Then, you are asked to select language and the country or region choices will come next, so you can make choices of them depending on yourselves.

Set Up iPad Hello Set Up iPad Language Set Up iPad Country and Region

Step 2 Wi-Fi Network and Location Services Setting
You are required to select a Wi-Fi entry from the listed options and click "Join" with its password. When the location services screen is shown, tap "Enable Location Services" to position your new iDevice. If you do not want to apply this services, choose "Disable Location Services".

Set Up iPad NetworkSet Up iPad Location Services

Note: Location Service owns apps to position your exact location, which is really helpful to give you direction when you get lost. Moreover, it works with many apps to give you tips about situtaion surrounding, so it is worthy-recommended.

Step 3 Set up iPad
There are three choices listed on the "Set Up iPad" screen. Different options have distinguished ways to set up your iPad.

Set up A New iPad

Select "Set Up as New iPad" if it is your first time to use iDevice. Then, you need to select"Create a Free Apple ID". Otherwise, you can directly choose "Sign in with Your Apple ID".

Set Up iPad Set Up iPad Apple ID

Tips: When creating a free Apple ID, you need to enter your birthday to avoid troubles without password. According to the age, if neccessary, a parent must create your Apple ID.

After signing in or creating your Apple ID and password, choose "Use iCloud" so that you can backup your iOS data and transfer files among iOS devices and computer, which only has 5G storage.

Set Up iPad iCloud

When the next screen as following comes to you, you’d better choose “Use Find My iPad” lest you can not get it back when it gets lost. Moreover, select the number and email address so that your friends can keep in touch with you by iMessage and Face Time.

Set Up iPad Find My iPadSet Up iPad iCloudiMessages Facetime

You will be asked to make choices according to the interface below. Tap “Use Siri” which can help solve your questions and “Automatically Send” in Diagnostics screen as well as “Share with App Developers” on the next interface.

Set Up iPad SiriSet Up iPad Diagnostics Set Up iPad App Analystic

Notes: Diagnostics would send your iPad data to Apple and allow Apple know more about your iPad to improve its products. At the same time, App Analytics shares data with Apple to improve the apps.

Congratulation! All setting is accomplished and what will come to you is "Welcome to iPad" screen.

Welcome to iPad

Restore from iTunes Backup

If you owned an iDevice before or you just had updated your iOS, you can select "Restore from iTunes Backup". Thus, you must connect your iPad to PC to move on iTunes on computer with clicking "Restore Backup" on the right side.

Restore from iTunes

Restore from iCloud Backup

You may not always take USB cable with you, so you can choose "Restore from iCloud Backup", but you must connect with Wi-Fi and then choose certain backup files you tend to restore.

Restore from iCloud

Note: If you haven’t backed up data on iTunes/iCloud before, you could use the first option "Set Up as a New iPad", and then utilize iPhone Transfer to move the data from computer to New iPad/iPad Air/iPad Mini, including contacts, photos, ect.

Actually, it is really simple to set up your new iPad/iPad Mini/iPad Air. Only if you can move on step by step on the screen, can your new iPad start to be used.

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