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How to Set up and Use Siri on iPad

Siri can make your iPad Air/iPad Mini become a intelligent robot to identify our voices to carry out the tasks, including searching the restaurants and cinemas, weather around us. What surprises us is its interaction with the users. It can communicate with you and adjust what you need anywhere. Thus, to get to know how to use it is beneficial for our daily life.

How to Set up Siri on iPad

1.Tap "Settings" > "General" > "Siri" to turn on the toggle next to "Siri".

Turn on Siri

2.Tap "Language" and "Voice Gender", " Voice Feedback", "My Info" to configure Siri.

Set up Siri

Notes: 1. "Voice Feedback" can allow you to select whether Siri talk to you, which can be chosen as "Always" and "Handsfree Only".

Set up Voice Feedback

2."My Info" lets you select your contacts so Siri can gain the information of yours to find your places and execute some tasks for you.

Select Contacts on Siri

How to Change iPad Settings with Siri

1. Enter Siri with pressing home button until the interface comes to you.

Enter Siri

2.Then, you can say what you want to change in settings. For instance, say "Turn on Airplane Mode". After a few seconds, Siri can identify what you uttered and carry out your order, like turning on Airplane Mode as following.

Turn on Airplane on Siri

Notes: Other settings can be changed as this way and you can say something in this aspect. If Siri cannot get your point, you can go through details with tapping the icon on the left-bottom.

Enter Siri for Help

How to Send Messages with iPad Siri

1.Hold down home button to enable Siri firstly. Then, say something about the messages and tell it who you tend to send. E.g.: "Text Mia". You will be asked to select the correct person if necessary.

Send Messages with iPad Siri

Notes: Phone numbers can be also handled in this way, besides the contacts name.

2.When Siri has shown the contents of the messages, you can confirm the words or edit it. Press "Send" to finish this process.

How to Send Emails using iPad Siri

1. After entering Siri screen, inform Siri of your desired email, like "Email to Mia" or just utter "Email".

Send Emails with iPad Siri

2. Tell Siri about the email subject and the name of the person, like "To Mia" and when it asks you, you can say "Lunch".

Send Emails with Name and Subject

3. Express the contents about the subject. E.g.: "lunch". Everything is made sure by yourself so you can send it with tapping "Send".

Send Emails via iPad Siri

Notes: If you would like to check iPad messages or emails with Siri, you can utter "Check my emails" or "Do I have a new message". What's more, you can order Siri to read your messages or emails contents. Moreover, tap the field of mail to lead you to the mail app.

How to Find Places with iPad Siri

1.Pressing the home button to Siri and ask it to find the place you like. For example, say "where is the cloest bank". Siri will show the results to you and you can select the suitable one to view on the map.

Find Places with iPad Siri

2. When you choose the trait, tap the icon of the car so that Siri presents a route for you and gives you voice navigation with "Start" pressed.

Start to Find Places with Siri

Notes: In this step, you must turn on "Location Services", or Siri cannot locate the exact position for you.

There is no doubt that Siri is playing significant role in our daily life. When we go out, we don’t need to check lots of information and type the questions with fingers. Just speak what you want, everything could be solved. It is quite humanized!

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