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How to Set Passcode Lock on iPad

It is very common to set password for your smartphone, tablet, computer and bank accounts since passcode can better keep your personal information safe. Moreover, passcode can prevent others from using some of your iPad apps, especially for stopping the children playing and when your iPad gets stolen. Thus, don't hesitate! Come to set passcode lock on iPad!

How to Enable Passcode Lock on iPad

Part 1. Enable Passcode on iPad

1.Tap "Settings" > "Passcode" to enter "Turn Passcode On".

Turn Passcode On

2.Input the number which you like as the passcode on your iPad.

Input Passcode

3.Enter it again and press "Done" when the second screen comes.

Input Passcode Again

4.You will be asked to enter passcode once you unlock your iPad.

Input Passcode to Unlock

Part 2. Set Complex Passcode on iPad

1.Go to "Settings" > "Passcode" > "Simple Passcode" to tap the ON/OFF switch from green to white.

Set Complex Passcode

2.Enter your old passcode. Then, input your desired new password twice and tap "Next" or "Done".

Enter Passcode to Unlock

Notes: Complex passcode allows more than four digits.

3. After you press sleep/wake button, it is necessary to input the password and tap "OK" as below.

Input Complex Passcode to Unlock

Easy as it is to set passcode to lock your iPad, it can protect your privacy lest your iPad data would be viewed by any other persons. For further managing your passcode settings, you can change it or turn it off, etc. On the other hand, If you forget iPad passcode, you can restore locked iPad with iTunes.

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