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How to Send iMessages on iPad

Most of us have heard about iMessages here and there, but do you know the exact difference between messages and iMessages? Today, we are going to show you the difference between messages and iMessages and how to send iMessages with your iPad.

Difference Between Messages and iMessages

iMessage is a instant messaging service of Apple, similar to Google Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, and more. iMessages uses Wi-Fi or your cellular data (3G/4G) to send messages to other iOS users, including iPhone/iPad and Macbook which runs the OS X. Besides, it can be synced between Apple devices so when you receive a new iMessages, all your iDevice will pop-up with a notification. You can reply to the iMessage as you wish.
Regular message is a kind of service that you can type and send messages to your friends' without Wi-Fi or cellular data but instead, it will cost some charges. Lastly, the chatting box of message will be in blue green the iMessages in blue.

How to Send iMessages on iPad

Step 1. Turn on iPad iMessages
Go to Settings > Messages and you will see the below interface.

Turn on iMessages on iPad

Just slide to turn it on. And you will get the following interface asking you to sign in your Apple ID.

Sign in Apple ID to Send iMessages

After that, do the settings as you wish including the "Send Read Receipt" "Blocked" "Send & Receive" "Filter Unknown Senders".

Set Up iMessages on iPad

Step 2. Choose Contacts
Firstly, enter Message app on your home screen. After that, tap the compose icon, an icon with a pen and paper signal, to add new text. Then tap the "+" on the top right corner of the interface to choose contacts or group to send messages to.

Add iMessages Contact on iPad

You are allowed to type to choose or search in the searching box.

Search for iMessages Contacts on iPad

Step 3. Send Messages to Your Friends
As you can see below, you are allowed to send text, photos, audio, or even location.

iMessages Sent on iPad

a. The icon to add photos and audios are listed as below. You just need to simply tap the icon, and that's it.

Send Audio Messages on iPad iMessages

b. To share your location, you can tap the "Details" option on the lower right corner and then, there are several choices for you. Tap "Send My Current Location" and it will be automatically sent to your friends through iMessage.

Send Locations on iPad iMessages

Note: If you don't want to receive the notice from this contact, you can also tap "Do Not Disturb" to mute the notification.

How to export iMassage from iPad

Message is a really signficant app for everyone, including name, history, and other information of your friends, but how to export the iMessages on iPad is becoming a problem. Thankfully, here i will guide you to import iPhone text messages with iPhone Transfer. It can export all your text messages, including SMS, MMS, iMessages and their attachments on iPhone. Meanwhile, this software is able to support the SMS database in TXT, CSV and HTML formats.

Export iMessage iPad

iMessage is such a powerful and handy app allowing you to send text messages or media files to your friends iDevice including iPhone, iPad and Macbook without extra cost. What you need is to have your iPhone/iPad connected to network, and you can just send. If you are facing other difficulty while using iPhone/iPad, please don't hesitate to let us know. We'll be glad to help you.

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