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Top 5 Simplest Security Tips for iOS Devices

Recently, many presses report that iPhone makes individual privacy to divulge. However, dose that mean iPhone can not protect your privacy? We believe iPhone still do better than other smartphones in security, as long as we know how to protect our privacy. This article will introduce 5 simplest security tips for you to protect your iPhone data and even yourself.
1. Turn Find My iPhone
If you turn Find My iPhone on, you can trace your iPhone after it was stolen. You can also lock you iPhone, remove the information in your iPhone and send warn messages to the thief. In addition, there is Activate lock in iOS 10 or the later version. If the thief doesn’t know your iCloud password, she / he can not activate your phone.
2. Disable microphone
iOS allows apps to access your microphone. If you don’t want to let out your conversation, you need to disable this function. You can check which apps can visit your microphone from Settings> Privacy> Microphone.
3. Disable Auto - completion
Auto - completion of Contacts, password and credit card’s information is allowed in Safari. If you don’t want to save these intimation in your device, you can disable this function from Settings> Safari> Password and Auto completion.
4. Open incognito mode
Safari has a function called Incognitowhich can disable auto-completion and forbid wensite use cookies to trace your browsing history. You can enter into Safari and click the Card icon at the bottom of right corner, and then you will see an Incognito button at the bottom of left corner.
5. Disable Frequent Location
Frequent Location can trace where you have gone, when you went there and how many time you have gone there. If you think it let out your personal information, you can turn off in Settings>Privacy>Location service>System service>Frequent Location.
In addition, iPhone 7/7 Plus/6/6 Plus can open Touch ID to protect their iPhone.

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