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How to Save a Water Damaged iPad

"It was on my cousin's birthday party, we went to the sea to enjoy the hot summer. That was a windy day and the tide is high. I played with my niece on the beach nearby. And when I was back, I found that my iPad Air 2 got wet and was laying on the beach… Oh my god, anyone know how to save a water damaged iPad? I will be very appreciated if given any help."

I believe that most of you have heard about this (or faced this) all the time, but do you know the exact way to save water damaged iPhone? Follow the below tips to check.

How To Rescue A Water Damaged iPad

Step 1. Turn iPad Off and Take out SIM Card
First thing first, please turn off your iPad as soon as you found your iPad immersed by water. Press and hold the "Power" button till it shuts down, otherwise, the mobile phone board is likely to get burned because of short circuit. After you turn off your iPad, use the paper clip to help you get SIM card out from the SIM tray.

Move out iPad SIM Card

Step 2. Dry Your iPad
Before you dry your iPad, you can use the cloth to wipe the water on the surface of iPad. Then, gently shake iPad to let the water out. Then, put your iPad into the container which is filled with uncooked rice, cotton, sawdust or something else that will absorb a large amount of water in a short time. To make sure that the water is absorbed thoroughly, you'd better put it in rice for a long time, 36 hours may be.

Put iPad into Rice

Note: Some said, "I dried my iPad with my hair drier, it works." Yep, it works but I'd like to suggest you better not to use the hair drier because it is likely to do harm to your internal component.

Step 3. Recover Your iPad
After ensuring to dry your iPad, when you restart your damaged iPad, all the data are lost. But don’t worry, you can try to use iPhone Data Recovery to get back all the data, which is a professional mobile phone recovery software.

iPhone Data Recovery

Note: If you have backed up your iPad before, you can restore iPad data with iTunes backup files or iCloud backup files. But if any, you can recover from iOS device directly.

My iPad Still Can't Be Powered On

If unfortunately your iPad doesn't work after putting it into the rice, please make sure that your iPad is not run out of battery. If you still can't power on your iPad after that, here are some bad news for you: Your iPad is dead because of the water damaged.

There're still two solutions for you:
1. Handed your iPad to the maintenance to have it repaired. This might take you a long time to wait, and a long bill to pay.
2. If you want to buy a new iPad and you've done backup on your old iPad, you can recover the iPad data from backup and then transfer it from computer to your new iPad.

Save iPad from Water Damaged

That's the easy tutorial and solution to solve the issue of having iPad dropped into the water. It's easy to save your water damaged iPad after reading this guide, isn't it? If you have any other issues, please feel free to contact us. Or you can leave comments below to share your own experience of water damaging your iPad with us.

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