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How to Restore Old Data to New iPhone with iCloud

With the development of iOS and the releasing of new Apple products, many Apple fans may change their iPhone. However, they usually suffer from the same problem of restoring the old data to new iPhone. iCloud can be conducive to solving this trouble easily, which doesn't need connect to computer to backup your iDevice data.

You can restore old data to new iPhone with iCloud in two steps.
Step 1. Do iCloud Backup on the Old iPhone.
Firstly, you need to back up files on your old iPhone with iCloud, so you can refer to this article: How to Do iCloud Backup.
Tips: This backup needs to operate with Wi-Fi and the storage only supports 5G.

Step 2: Restore the Data to New iPhone with iCloud.
The operation of your new iPhone is beginning here with iCloud. When you turn on your new iDevice, you can see the screen as following. Meanwhile, you can select "Restore from iCloud Backup" after you set up your iPhone with language and country/region, etc. Then, log in with the same Apple ID and password as your old one, so you could choose a backup to restore on your new iPhone.

Restore from iCloud Backup

Notes: There are only three latest files you had backed up for restoring with network. However, the another approach is that you can download iCloud backup files on computer and restore files by using iPhone Data Recovery. Compare with iCloud, the advantages of iPhone Data Recovery is that it can selectively recover data.

It is so practical to keep your iPhone data that you could transfer important files between the iOS devices safely, including from the old one to the new one. Besides, mails, contacts, calendars, reminders, safari, notes and so on can be supported to restore with iCloud backup.

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