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How to Reset Network Settings on iPhone

For many iPhone users, especially for girls, they may usually encounter problems about how to connect the iPhone to Wi-Fi networks. With this problem up in the air, there still shows no signals on your iPhone, which means you cannot search the Internet, download Apps for entertainment, apart from sending and receiving text messages and making phone calls. Are you content with these? No, so you appeal to some tech support for any kind of assist to solve this situation. Today, I am really appreciated to share you some useful tips and tricks about how to reset network settings on your iPhone, especially for girls as I used to be.
With the following tips, you can figure out the useful ways to reset network settings all by yourselves. There are six reset options provided by iPhone itself for users to solve various tough issues. You can just follow the steps below and have a try. Once resetting the network of your iPhone, all your information, such as Wi-Fi network settings, Wi-Fi passwords and VPN settings will be gone and your iPhone Network Settings will be brought to factory default.

Step 1. Click the Setting App on your iPhone
reset network settings iphone

Step 2. Click "General"
Once you enter into the interface of "Settings", you can just click "General" to go on.
iphone reset network settings

Step 3. Click "Reset"
After clicking "General", you can get an interface below, please choose "Reset"
reset network settings iphone 4s

Step 4. Click "Reset Network Settings"
Attention: After you click the "Reset Network Settings" button, you should make a confirmation of it.
how to reset network settings on iphone 5

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