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How to Repair Your Broken iPhone

Oops, fallen from the upper berth, your iPhone is nearly broken into pieces.
It can almost happen to everyone, being heartbroken and tragic. How can you rescue your iPhone from death? Can you just throw it away and buy a new one? For God sake, you won’t.
For many users, when it happened, first of all, they may ask the AppleCare+ or another warranty to fix the damage, what if it failed? Is there other ways for them to get back their sound and intact iPhone?
Here is some useful and practice ways for iPhone users to repair their broken iPhone effectively.

Method 1: Warranty

When you are encountering broken iPhone issues, first of all, you need to check whether your iPhone is still under warranty or not. With any luck, if you break your iPhone during your warranty period, you can enjoy free repair service. If you are out of warranty at that time, you can still get some information and tips from Apple official website.

how to fix a broken iphone

Method 2: AppleCare

AppleCare, as its name shows, cares about your iPhone. AppleCare agreements extend the service and support coverage for your Apple product. If you have registered to AppleCare Agreement Support, you can appeal to it for help on condition that it is valid.

fix broken iphone

Method 3: Insurance for your iPhone

If you have your iPhone insured, you can check whether it is in the scope of insurance coverage with reference to the policies. Even though you have the insurance, you may still need to pay a certain proportion of the entire fee, which can save you a lot in the end.

repair broken iphone

The above methods are the most useful and economical ways. In fact, you can directly throw it to a local store to repair it, which costs a lot but is really time – saving and easeful.

Note: Broken iPhone is a common phenomenon to everyone, but how to solve this trouble. I will show you the most effective method. iPhone Data Recovery is a recovery tool which you can rely on. However, you must pay attention that just most of iOS devices can be restored data by iPhone Data Recovery, and it also can get back data, including messages, contacts, photos, ect..

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