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How to Remove Phone Number from iMessage

iMessage allows iOS users to send text messages, MMS, and more between iPhone, iPad and Mac. The first thing you need to do when change from iOS device to Android should be backing up iOS data. What's next? You'd better disabling iMessages and remove phone number on it. Why? iMessages only works between iPhone/iPad and Mac, if you use an Android phone with the same phone number with iMessages enabled, you will miss the messages that sent from other iPhone users. To prevent this, you should turn off iMessages and remove phone number from iMessages. Now I will show you how to remove phone number from iMessages.

Step 1. Execute Settings on Messages App
First of all, go to "Settings" > "Messages" > "iMessage". As you can see in the right side of the interface, there are several choices. Just turn off the "iMessage" toggle.

Turn off iMessage on iPad

Step 2. Deregister iMessages
If you still can't receive messages, please go to the Apple self-solve site to deregister iMessage.
Go to apple self-solve site on your browser and scroll down to the "No longer have your iPhone?" interface. After that, choose the country and phone number. Then, click "Send Code" on the right. Before long, you will receive a 6-digit code on your smart phone. Lastly, enter the code you received and click "Submit" to deregister iMessages with your phone number.

Send Code to iPhone to Deregister iMessage

After turning off iMessage on your iPad and deregistering iMessages with your phone number, you can remove phone number from iMessage and receive text messages sent from your friends as usual now.

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