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How to Recover Deleted, Lost Data from iPod

I accidentally deleted pictures from my iPod touch that were never synced onto my computer. Is it possible to recover them? I have looked into third party data recovery software programs, but none seem to support the iPod touch. So, is it possible? I just need to know so I can get this done or learn to let it go!

At the very beginning, I found it a little complicated to help the enquirer solve the problem. After detailed research and discussion of this tough problem, I notice that many iPod Touch users are frequently faced with the embarrassing moment in their daily life. They may lose the iPod Touch, delete files on iPod Touch accidentally, or iPod becomes dead, etc.
Fortunately, with iPod Data Recovery, recovering lost or deleted data from iPod is a piece of case. You can recover your iPod lost data in a few minutes. I found there are two ways to recover deleted data from iPod on computer or Mac. One is recovering deleted iPod files by scanning iPod device directly, and another one is restoring lost iPod data from iTunes backup, on condition that you have made backup of your iPod.

Download the free trial version below to have a try.

Tutorials 1: Recover Deleted iPod Files by Scanning iPod Device Directly

Step 1. Choose recovering deleted data from iPod
Before recovering, you should download and install the program on your computer or Mac. Attention that you shouldn't connect and sync your iPod Touch with iTunes, otherwise the lost files will be overwritten. And then select your iPod model and click "Recover data from iOS device".
recover lost data from ipod

Step 2. Follow instructions to scan your iPod 4/5
After the previous steps, you can directly click the "Start Scan" button to scan your iPod Touch 5. While for iPod Touch 4, you should do some more additional steps to access your device file system before scanning lost files.
recover lost files from ipod

Step 3.Preview and recover data from iPod Touch
When extract all the backup files of your iPod Touch, you can have a preview of them. Then click "Recover" to save the selected files on your computer.
ipod data recovery
Note: This is the whole steps of Recover Deleted iPod Files by Scanning iPod Device Directly, hope it can satisfy you. If not, you can get a rough idea of the second choice in the contents below: Restore Lost iPod Data from iTunes Backup, it provides you an alternative method to Recover Deleted, Lost Data from iPod.

Tutorials 2: Restore Lost iPod Data from iTunes Backup

Step 1.Select suitable iPod model and recovering iPod data from iTunes backup file
Without connecting your iPod to computer or Mac, you can also recover your data with this method. After selecting your iPod model and clicking the "Recover data from iTunes backup files" button, you can see all the iTunes backup files on your computer or Mac.
recover ipod data

Step 2.Recover lost data from iTunes backup files
After scanning, you can choose the wanted data on the left side of the interface. Click the "Recover" button at the bottom to restore the selected files on your computer or Mac.
recover ipod lost data

iPod Data Recovery software is very useful and important in your daily life. It can provide you a chance to recover your lost or deleted data of your iPod. It can be your great life partner, it deserves your cherish.

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