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How to Recover Mac Files after Formatting Macintosh HD

I lost a mailbox in Mac Mail.
Adobe Reader crashes when I open PDFs.
Google Chrome crashes when I launch it.
In Mac Mail, Safari, and many other applications, I get WebKitPluginHost crashes!
All this started after I installed the last round of updates and it seems that my HD is formatted. What can I do to recover all the files stored in my Mac?
I'm a bit peeved.
Thank you.
Is there a feasible way to recover Mac files after formatting? Surely, when you format a Macintosh HD, the file system of disk is replaced with a new empty file system. As long as you didn’t write any new files to the Mac hard drive, there are chances that you can retrieve all your previous files stored in Mac hard drive. The standard formatting only changes the index files rather than the really files. Therefore, although the formatted files are inaccessible, you can recover files from formatted Mac with the helps of data recovery applications like Data Recovery for Mac. Get it now to restore your entire file system.
Data Recovery allows you recover formatted files from Mac, if you don’t have any valid backup files of your Mac. Provided that you have backed up your Mac files, you can restore formatted files easily from the backup files. Data Recovery for Mac is powerful enough to enable you to make it work, no matter what has happened to your files, formatted, deleted or lost.

Download the free and trial version to have a try!

How to Recover Mac Files after Formatting Macintosh HD

Step 1.Select Recovery Mode to Start Program
Launch External Hard Drive Recovery, and then you’ll get an interface as follow. Here, On the main interface of Data Recovery, click "Recover Data" to start recovering lost or deleted files from Mac hard drives/volumes.
recover files from formatted hard drive
Note: You can read the instructions in the interface carefully to have a better understanding of this utility and select the best recovery mode for yourself.
Step 2.Scan Your External Hard Drive for Lost Data
Drive Recovery has four sub-modules as shown. The recovery steps are similar for each of these modules. Click "Quick Recovery" under "Drive Recovery" tab.
recover formatted hard drive
Note: If you want to recover data from a formatted external hard drive on your Mac, you can select "Enable Deep Scan" option.
Step 3.Restore Data from Mac External Hard Drive
Select the desired volume under the "Volume(s)" list and click right arrow in the bottom-right corner of the screen to start scanning.
recover data from formatted hard drive
Note: To avoid recoverable files from being overwritten during the recovery, please do select a folder on your Mac to keep them.

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