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How to Quit Annoying Default Settings on iPhone

It is no exaggeration to say that we love iPhone just as we love our girlfriends/ boyfriends. We love it so much, but it is still impossible to be perfect. For example, some default settings on iPhone never fail to make us crazy. However, we can quit these annoying default settings with a few simple steps. Let’s have a look.

quit defauly settings

1. Disable "Sent from my iPhone" signature

Usually, all emails you sent to others with Mail application will be added a note saying that this Email is "sent from my iPhone" as default. If you don’t want to show this information to others, you can cancel it by going to Settings, and then click E-mail, Contacts, and Calendar one by one to find the Signature. Click the white blank and delete the contents in it.

sent from my iphone signature

2. Configure distinctive ringtones
If everything was perfect, Apple should provide every phone with distinctive ringtones. However, the reality is everyone hears the same ringtone. It is not uncommon that you will subconsciously grab your iPhone from pocket after hearing "Ding" when you are in crowd. But it is not your phone is ringing. If you want to have a distinctive ringtone, you can configure it by tapping Settings>Sound. Then, Toggle the "Ring/Vibrate" switch on the left side of the iPhone and select special tones for your call, messages, and email.


3. Organize apps on iPhone
Three are some pre-installed apps on your iPhone. Though we never use some of these apps, we cannot remove it. However, we can pull all apps that we never used into a folder. Pressing the icon of the app you want to hide until it shake and drag it to another app you want to hide, a folder will be created.
organize app on iphone

4. Disable passwords auto-fill
Apple allows its users to decide whether save their account name and password on the browser. However, it is default that you permit browser save them at the beginning. iPhone will also ask you if you are willing to save passwords after you finish the purchase-information.

Saving them on the browser provides us a lot of convenience for later purchase, but it also brings about enormous hidden danger for privacy. You can turn off this option form Settings>>Safari>Passwords & Auto fill. Then, turn off Name & Password.

disable password autofill

5. Prevent iPhone location-based tracking
We have already known that website can track web surfing behaviors from cookies even when you have turn off the browser. Therefore, some companies will send customized advertisements for you according to your consumption habits.
Safari, as the browser of iPhone, has the same ability to trace surfing behaviors. But it has a Do Not Track setting on iOS 10. To enable Do Not Track in iOS 10, go to Settings and tap on Safari in the list. Under the Privacy & Security section you'll find a switch to turn on Do Not Track. Slide it over and you're all set.

do not track

6. Remove text message preview from Lock Screen
If you received a message when the screen was locked, the first line content of the massage would be shown on the screen. In most cases, we don’t want to make our privacy leaked. Therefore, it is time to do some settings for your iPhone. Tap Settings, Notifications and then scroll down until you see Messages. Select it. On the Messages page, scroll down until you see Show Preview. Turn the preview off by sliding the switch into the OFF position.

remove message preview

7. Extend the battery life

The parallax effect was a big advance in iOS 10. It makes the home screen icons float when moving the phone around, but it drains battery life quickly too. If you want to extend the battery life of iPhone, to turn it off go to Settings > General > Accessibility and move the slider on Reduce Motion to "On".

extend battery life

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