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How to Prevent iPad Apps from Accidental Deletion

Forgot to lock the screen and have unintentionally deleted the apps on your iPad? Leave your 2-year-old baby with your iPad, and when you are back after doing the dishes, all apps in your iPad got deleted? Is this unavoidable? The answer is absolutely no. You can still prevent iPad apps from accidental deletion. Let's go straight to our topic today: How to prevent iPad apps from accidental deletion?

To prevent unintentional deletion of your iPad, you just need to turn on the restriction and set up a passcode so that a deletion can be done once passcode typed in correctly.

Steps to Turn on Restriction of Deleting Apps on iPad
Step 1. Enter Restriction Setup
In the main screen, enter the "Settings" app and tap on "General". After that, you will see "Restrictions" on the right. Tap and enter it.

Turn on Restriction on iPad

Step 2. Enable Restriction
After entering restrictions interface, you will see all the listed "Allow" apps in light dark color. Just press "Enable Restrictions" on the top.

Enable Restrictions on iPad

Step 3. Set Passcode on iPad
As you've enabled restriction, you will be shown the below pop-up. Just create a 4-digit passcode in the pop-up.

Create a Passcode on iPad

Then, you will be asked to re-enter the password to confirm it.

Re-enter the Passcode on iPad

Step 4. Turn off Deleting Apps
After that, you can turn off the "Deleting Apps" option on your iPad. Besides, you can also ban the In-App Purchase to prevent unintentionally purchase.

Turn off Deleting Apps on iPad

After setting up the restriction settings, unintentionally deleting your iPad apps is no longer a big headache any more. By the way, if unfortunately notes, photos or other data are deleted accidentally, you can also use iPhone Data Recovery to restore the delete photos/notes back to your iPad. If you have any other issues using iPad, please feel free to contact us.

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