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How to Prepare Before Selling or Giving Away Your iPad

Would you like to purchase a new iPad, especially when the latest version comes out? There is no doubt that we hope for it because the enjoyment from the improved iPad must be more. Nevertheless, not all people own enough money when they want to but the new one, so selling your old iPad is a solution. The problem would come with this trade, which reminds you of what to do before selling the iPad. Now, with this guidance, you can be assured of selling your iPad.
Step 1. Do Backup for your iPad
To do iCloud backup or iTunes backup for your iPad has to be done unless you don’t care for all data on your iPad or the data is useless. If you need some introduction of backing up your iPad, the motheds follow:
1. Do iTunes backup for your iPad .
2. iCloud backup with your iPad .
3. Backup files to PC via iPhone Transfer.
Of course, if you just want to get back a part of a specific data to the PC backing up, I recommend iPhone Transfer to complete the transmission, because it transfers them with simple steps and runs from iOS 6 to iOS 9, including iPhone, iPad and iPod.

To Folder

Step 2. Sign out iCloud Account
When the new iPad owner gain your device, he or she must want to check whether this second-hand iPad would keep the previous data. It is necessary to sign out your iCloud account before selling or giving it away so as to prevent others from regaining your privacy or deleting your vital files.
Tap “Settings”>“iCloud” and scroll down to the bottom to press “Sign Out”. Once more step to select “Sign Out” and enter the passcode is needed to make sure iCloud data would go out of this iPad.

Sign out iCloud Account

Confirm Signing out iCloud Account

Step 3. Erase All Content and Settings
Finally, move to erase all content and settings to restore your iPad as the one pulled out of the box. What else, the iPad with iOS 7 or later requires another step to turn off Find My iPad setting.

Reset All Content and Settings

Notes 1: If you had sold iPad and want to make up for this preparation, ask the new owner to follow the guidelines above. Then, you must check on www.icloud.com to remove Find My iPhone and erase iPad with entering "Find My iPhone" and selecting iPad device on the top. Then, click "Erase iPad" as it is shown.
Find My iPhone on Web Page

Erase iPad on Web Page

Notes 2: For security reason, you’d better change your password of iCloud account to protect your iPad files.

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