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14 New Functions of iOS 8

Recently, it is a hot topic that what new functions iOS 8 will have? Fourteen new functions of iOS 8 are listed in this article below:
1. Healthbook:
It is said that Apple is developing a Health application, which is called Healthbook. Depending on some pictures from the internet, this App, which can record your daily exercises and help for your fitness, will be connected to Apple Watch.


2. Hide or delete system applications
Many companies develop their own Apps which sometimes are better than the Apps in iOS. It seems more considerate if iPhone or iPad users can hide or delete apps on iPad/iPhone/iPod. Actually, many of iOS 7 own Apps were replaced by other third-party Apps.

3. FaceTime gets group functions
FaceTime supports audio-only chats. Another amazing function of it is that we can even use it in place of traditional voice calls for free, but FaceTime doesn’t do group chats. Luckily, we’ll eventually be able to use FaceTime for chats with more than two people following the release of iOS8.

face time

4. Do Not Disturb Mode is enhanced
It may be rather desperate if the Do Not Disturb Mode can only work when there is an unwanted call. How about setting Do Not Disturb Mode for messages to avoid being interrupted? iOS 8 can do for us.

5. Battery usage indicator
It's probably the most common complaint about the iPhone: The battery drains too damn fast even if the battery is becoming stronger and stronger. In iOS 8, you’ll get some guidance to check exactly which apps and functions are draining your battery. With that guidance, you will be able to selectively change their settings or uninstall the right apps to maximize their battery.

6. New functions of Touch ID
Apple took fingerprint reading mainstream with the Touch ID sensor in the iPhone 5s. In iOS 8,users can unlock any password stored in their keychain by placing their finger on the reader. For example, when you are going to download an APP, you can use your fingerprint instead of entering password to download.

touch ID

7. Setting default application by users themselves
Many people hope Apple can allow users setting their default application when they download a new application.

8. Reply rightly from the lock screen
If you didn't concerned privacy and information security a lot, you may want to reply your message from the home screen instead of having to open the messaging app when you get a text message. This can be turn in iOS 8

9. Updated Apple Map
The original iOS map App, which received a lot of complains, was supported by Google data. And later, Apple developed a map App, but we’re still frustrated by map data errors. We are waiting Apple to improve its map data.

Apple map

10. 8 numbers password.

Users are provided two ways to lock iPhone/ iPad screen in iOS 7. One is set by numbers and letters, the other is set only by 4 numbers. Many users do not like the password that set by numbers with letters because of its complication. Therefore, it is necessary to add an 8 numbers password to ensure security and provide users more conveniences.

11. Customizable Control Center

Users can turn on or turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other application in control center quickly. But not every one like the default one set by Apple. In iOS 8, it may be more welcomed if users can set their device by themselves.

12. iWallet: complete Transactions Wirelessly with NFC
Though this technology relies heavily on hardware, most of branded Smart phones have the function of NFC (near field communication). In iOS 8, we can use NFC to wirelessly complete transactions conveniently.


13. Integrate iMessage with Google and Yahoo account.
iMessage is very popular because it can send messages, videos, photos and more on iOS devices. However, you are not able to send them to your contacts in Google or Yahoo account, but it is possible in Mac. It is hopeful Apple will integrate iMessage with Google and Yahoo account.

14. Print to PDF App
There is few people will print from iPhone or iPad. It may be very convenient if iOS 8 bring Print to PDF for those busy iPad users.


Most of the functions motioned above are reached by jail-broken. We hope iOS 8 can bring us more surprise.

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