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How to Manage Home Screen on iPad

It is said that to judge whether you are a good iPad owner depends on your iPad home screen. When you buy a new iPad Air/ iPad Mini, its screen is standardized without any individuality. Many apps on home screen can be managed and applied better if you get new skills to manage home screen on iPad, so you would be delighted in using them.

Skill 1. To Customize iPad Home Screen
Firstly, tap to "Setting" > "Wallpapers" on your iPad and press "Choose a New Wallpaper" so that "Dynamic", "Still" and "Photo" are presented. Then, choose one of them to view the pictures. You can select a photo you want to set as wallpaper and tap to "Set Lock Screen", "Set Home Screen", or "Set Both".

Setting Wallpaper Choose Wallpaper Wallpaper Set

Notes: You will be asked to decide whether to turn "Perspective Zoom". If you are easy to get into vertigo, you should choose "Off".

Skill 2. To Create/ Delete Folders and Add /Remove Apps
To tidy up apps on iPad with creating folders and adding them to certain folder, put your finger on an app and press it so all icons begin to jiggle. After dragging the app to another one, a folder is created and it is time to name the folder with entering the ideal name on the blank. Then, touch the area outside the folder to finish. You can drag other apps to this folder and click the home button to stop jiggly mode .

Create and Name Folder

Notes: If you want to delete this folder, you can remove all apps and the folder will disappear. Just drag the apps out of the folder and you can gain the home screen as following.

Delete Folder

Skill 3. To Manage iPad Multitasking Bar
Applying lots of apps at the same time may cause your iPad to run slowly and battery to last in short time, it is necessary to close up some tasks. You can double click home button or swipe up with four fingers for multitasking bar. Touch the app that you want to quit and drag it towards the top of the interface, so it is gone away.

Multitasking Screen Quit Task

Skill 4. To Use iPad Spotlight Search
Does your iPad contain many memory to influence you to find out what you want quickly? Spotlight Search can be a fast scanner to assist you. Only input what you need, the result is listed to you.

Spotlight Search

Getting these new skills makes you become a good iPad owner to manage home screen. This way to DIY your iPad home screen makes your iPad more personalized.

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