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How to Manage Contacts on Your iPad

Contacts is a really important app on iPad and iPhone, including names, phone numbers, email addresses, photos and other information of your friends, so that you can keep in touch with others. Most of people know how to send messages and call others, but do you get details to manage contacts on your iPad, for instance, to add/delete contacts, to find contacts and do contacts management on iCloud?

How to Add and Remove Contacts on iPad

The basic usage of iPad contacts is to create and delete contacts as you like.
Step 1. Launch Contacts app on the home screen.
Launch Nontacts

Step 2. Tap the "+" icon on the top to add a contacts and edit the details on the left side. Enter the first name and last name firstly. Then, press "add phone", "add email", etc. to complete the basic material of the created person. Touch "Done" to finish adding.

Add Nontacts

Notes: Deleting contacts is so easy with one step. Just tap the contact which you aim to remove, and tap "Edit" and slide down to choose "Delete Contact" to get it out of your iPad.

Delete Nontacts

How to Find Contacts on iPad

If you have created lots of contacts on your iPad Mini/Air, it is a trouble to find one contacts one by one. At this point, quickly searching is necessary.
1.Find contacts from Search tool
Tap the blank on the upper side of the screen which shows "Search" icon. Secondly, enter certain name so the contact will appear.

Find Contacts with Search Tool

2.Find person with alphabet
It is common to scroll down to search the person one by one. Or you can tap the wanted letter on the right, because contacts are in first-alphabet order.

Find Contacts with Letter

How to Manage Contacts on iCloud

Not only can you backup contacts with iCloud, but also can view or edit contacts on iCloud web page. Moreover, you can sync data between iPad and iCloud web page.
Step 1. Enter www. iCloud.com on the computer with the same Apple ID and password. Then, Click "Contacts" on the page.

Choose Contacts on iCloud Web Page

Step 2. Select one contact and click "Edit", so you can change the name, mobile, email and so on on the interface. It is OK with clicking "Done".

Edit Contacts on iCloud Web Page

Finish Editing Contacts on iCloud

Notes: Choose "Delete Contact" on the bottom to remove the contact that you selected before.

How to Recover Deleted Contacts from iPad

If you inadvertently lose or delete your contacts on your iPad, what should you do? Here’s the way for you to get back deleted or lost contacts by using the iPad Data Recovery. If you have ever backed up your iPad in iTunes or iCloud, this professional recovery program can easily recover contacts from your iPad by extracting files from iTunes backup of the device. But if you any, it can also restore deleted contacts from iPad directly.

iPad Data Recovery

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