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How to Manage Apps on iPad

If you get skills to manage your iPad home screen well, you are on the way to be a good iPad user. Knowing more about apps management can help you make great progress to be a good iPad user. In addition, you can apply apps to meet your needs, including social communication, entertainment, study, etc. There is a conducive assistant called App Store which contains those apps you'd like and some of them is for free while others cost at least $0.99. No matter how much it is, to manage apps on iPad well lets you use them smoothly.

Part 1: How to Download and Install Apps on iPad

Open App Store on your iPad Mini/Air and then, you can search some apps on it. For example, you can input "Facebook" in the blank on the right top corner, so the related apps would appear. Tap "GET" or the price to gain the apps. As a result, the apps will be downloaded and installed so that they would be presented on iPad home screen.

Search Apps

Notes: An Apple ID and valid credit card are necessary to purchase apps from App Store. Besides, if you are new to App Store, you can swipe down after opening App Store, so you can click "New to the App Store". Some heated apps are listed for you to download.

New to App Store

Part 2: How to Update Apps on iPad

Firstly, tap "Settings" > "iTunes&App Store" on your iPad. Then, turn on the toggle button next to "Updates" so that apps can be updated automatically.

Update Apps

Part 3: How to Rearrange Apps on iPad

Group Apps on iPad
If the apps scatter on your iPad screen, you can group apps. Keep touching an icon that you like to add to a new folder until all icons jiggle and drag it to another icon. At this point, enter a name in the region on the top and a new folder is created as following. Other apps as the similar kind can be dragged into this folder.

Create Folder

Notes: Dragging the icon on the folder out of the field means removing the app from the folder.

Drag Apps to New Position
In order to change an app position, you can tap it until icons shake and drag it to another page. E.g.: drag iBook icon to the next screen as the pictures shown.

Drag App

Part 4:How to Delete/Uninstall Apps on iPad

Press the app icon which you tend to delete. When it jiggles, you can see the interface below and tap the "ˣ" signal on the top left of the icon. Then, you are asked to confirm to delete with clicking "Delete".

Drag App to Jiggle Drag App to Delete

These tips are beneficial to manage apps on your iPad Mini/Air, so keep them in mind for future use. Apart from managing apps, to pay attention to your apps storage is in need sometimes. Move step to "Settings" > "General" > "Usage" > "Manage Storage" to view which app takes up larger or smaller storage, so you can get hints to know your apps better.
View App Storage

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