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Mac Email Recovery: How to Recover Deleted Email on Mac

I accidentally deleted an email that I hadn't sent. It is not in drafts. I was trying to send a message and it was taking forever. I realized that it had a photo attached to it so I drug it out of the “outbox” into my “inbox”. I opened it and clicked on the photo to delete it. Somehow I deleted the whole email.
I am using 10.6.8.
I looked in regular trash on my desktop and it wasn't there.
Is there anywhere else to look or is it gone? I typed a keyword in spotlight and didn't find it.
Thanks for any help.

Have you ever encountered problems alike?
When in need of retrieve email deleted by accident on your Mac, first and foremost you should not run your device any longer, because your lost Mac emails might be overwritten with further action. Thus the lost email can be more possibly rescued as long as they have not been overwritten by new files on your Mac.
Data Recovery enables you to recover lost data from Mac with just a few steps. Aside from email, it can also retrieve lost photos, documents, videos and any other files on a Mac. What’s more, it is compatible with MP3/MP4 Player, mobile phone, digital camera, SD card, USB drive, external hard drive or hard drive and so forth. So to speak, Mac Email Recovery software is powerful enough to recover all the lost data of your device on Mac.
Download the free and trial version of Mac Email Recovery to have a try!

How to Recover Deleted Email on Mac

Step 1.Choose Recovery Mode to Begin Email Recovery on Mac
After installing and running Mac Email Recovery on your Mac, you’ll see a start interface offers the following options: "Lost File Recovery", "Raw Recovery", "Partition Recovery", "iPhone Data Recovery for iTunes" and "Resume Recovery".
Here to recover lost emails on Mac, let’s select "Lost File Recovery" first. If your email were lost due to formatting, you can also try "Raw Recovery".
recover deleted email on mac
Note: Please do not install the program on partition that your emails were lost from.
Step 2.Scan the Partition Where Your Emails Were Lost From
Now you just need to select the partition where you are going to get your emails back and click "Scan" to look for lost emails.
how to recover email mac
Step 3.Recover Email on Mac
Now all found data will be displayed as the below image shows after the scan. You can preview the found emails to check how many mails you will be able to retrieve.
Then you can select your wanted emails and click "Recover" to save them on your Mac.
how to retrieve deleted emails on mac
Note: Please do not restore the recovered email back to its original location.

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