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How to Perform iPad Password Recovery

Password allows people to log into their computers and many accounts, such as email account, iCloud account, and bank accountand so on. However, there are too many passwords to remember even if people sometimes use repeated password. It is also a case that people create “difficult” passwords for their accounts to avoid having their information accessed easily. The password of iPad may also “difficult” to remember because it is composed of both letters and numbers.It seems silly to lose iPad password, but it is common.
What wouldhappen if you lost your iPad password? After you have entered the wrong password six times in a row, you’ll be locked out and see amessage saying that iPad is disabled.Please calm down when you meet this trouble. Actually, you can fix this problem by erasing your device using iTunes, Find My iPhone, or recovery mode if you can’t remember your password.
Now, let me introduce them to you one by one in details.

Tutorial 1: Using iTunes

If you have synced your iPad with iTunes, you can restore it with your iTunes Library. However, if you have never synced with iTunes, please find solutions in tutorial 2 and tutorial 3.

1.    Connect your iPad to the PC or Mac you normally sync with.
2.    Run iTunes. If you are asked to enter the password, please use another computer that you have previous synced with.

3.    Create a backup. If it doesn’t, click Back Up Now to create a backup file manually.

4.    After the backup and sync is complete, click Restore iPad to start the restore process. After a short while, you will found that you

can enter your iPad without password.

itunes syncing ipad

Tutorial 2: Using Find My iPad

If you have enabled Find My iPad, use the Remote Wipe feature to erase the contents of your device.

1.    Log in your Apple ID in icloud.com to find weather you have enabled Find My iPad. If you have done that before, go on for insight.

icloud backup web

2.    Click All Device at the top of the browser window and select your device before clicking “Erase (device)" to erase your device and its password.
3.    Then where possible, use iCloud to restore the most recent backup and reset the passcode.

Tutorial 3: Using Recovery Mode

Apart from the two tutorials mentioned above, you can put your iPad into recovery mode to restore it. Here is how to put into recovery mode.

1.    Make sure your iPad isn’t connected to your PC or Mac that you use to synced your iPad.
2.    Switch off you ipad by pressing and hold down the Power button for a while.
3.    Plug the ipad’s USB cable to your computer only. Please remember don’t connect your ipad to the computer at the same time.
4.    Hold down the Home button of your iPad and connect your iPad with the computer with the USB cable.
5.    Keep holding the Home button until you see the iTunes and USB cable images on screen, then release the button.
6.    In iTunes, you will see a message saying an iPad has been found in recovery mode. You can follow the instructions to restore your iPad now.

restore iPad recovery mode

I believe there is at least one way is suitable for your iPad password recovery. If you have any confusion, please comment below.

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